The Loève Prize

Michel Loève was Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, from 1948 until his untimely death in 1979. His widow, Line Loève, shortly before her own death in 1992 gave a very generous bequest to U.C Berkeley in two parts. One part established the Loève Fellowships to support graduate students in probability. The other part established the Loève Prize, formally The Line and Michel Loève International Prize in Probability. The prize, awarded every two years, is intended to recognize outstanding contributions by researchers in probability who are under 45 years old.


2017 Hugo Duminil-Copin    
2015 Alexei Borodin Citation Photos of the award ceremony
2013 Sourav Chatterjee Citation  
2011 Scott Sheffield Citation  
2009 Alice Guionnet Citation  
2007 Richard Kenyon Citation Webcast and Photos of the award ceremony
2005 Wendelin Werner Citation Photos of ceremony
2003 Oded Schramm Citation
2001 Yuval Peres Citation
1999 Alain-Sol Sznitman Citation
1997 Jean-Francois Le Gall Citation
1995 Michel Talagrand
1993 David Aldous



As specified in the bequest, the recipient is chosen by a selection committee of about 25 distinguished probabilists. Nominations for recipients are not accepted. Nominations (of yourself or other persons) to serve on the selection committee are welcome and should be sent to David Aldous.