Berkeley Research Computing runs the Savio high performance cluster in collaboration with staff from LBL. Department members can make use of the cluster in a few ways:

High Performance Computing

The Statistics Condo

We have two regular and two GPU nodes which serve as a beachhead onto the larger system. The nodes are freely available to all members of the department and there is no yearly core hour time limit. Let us know if you are interested in expanding the size of the departmental condo.


If you need more cycles, you can "burst" onto unused campus nodes as Low Priority jobs. The limitations are that when the system is busy, these jobs will be queued and:

  • yield to (be passed by) other jobs with higher priorities,
  • get preempted (interrupted) by pending higher priority jobs.
    Preempted jobs can choose whether the job should be simply killed, or be automatically requeued after it's killed, at submission time. Please note that, since preemption could happen at any time, it would be very beneficial if your job is capable of checkpointing/restarting by itself, when you choose to requeue the job. Otherwise, you may need to verify data integrity manually before you want to run the job again.

Faculty Compute Allowance (FCA)

Each faculty receives 200,000 "service units" (200,000 core cpu hours) per year to run jobs at the regular priority. If you run a job for 10 hours on a 32-core machine, it will cost 320 core hours. If your job only utilizes 4 cores on the same 32-core node, it will still cost 320 core hours since your job has exclusive access to the node.


Once you go beyond the FCA you can purchase more time through recharge at $0.01/hour, e.g. $2,000 for an additional 200,000 core hours.


Your Savio account has access to a 10GB home directory, 200 GB of shared project space, and a large scratch area. You can purchase more if needed.