Researchers in Probability


Researcher Title Research Focus Research Interests
David Aldous Professor Emeritus & Professor in the Graduate School analysis of algorithms, applied probability, complex networks, entropy, mathematical probability, phylogenetic trees, random networks, spatial networks. Also popularization of probability.
John Chen Visiting Professor Machine Learning, Theory of Statistics
Steven Evans Professor
Shirshendu Ganguly Assistant Professor Models of Percolation, Phase transitions in Statistical Mechanics, Mixing time of Markov chains, Random walk on graphs, Counting problems in non-linear sparse settings.
Alan Hammond Associate Professor Statistical mechanics, studied rigorously via modern techniques from mathematical probability
Michael Klass Professor
Jim Pitman Professor
Alistair Sinclair Professor
Nike Sun Associate Professor


Researcher Title Research Focus Research Interests
Brett Kolesnik Postdoc

Graduate Students

Researcher Dissertation Advisor Research Focus
Zsolt Bartha
Jacob Calvert
Tyler Maltba
Mehdi Ouaki
Sourav Sarkar