Researchers in Probability


Researcher Title Research Focus Research Interests
David Aldous Professor analysis of algorithms, applied probability, complex networks, entropy, mathematical probability, phylogenetic trees, random networks, spatial networks. Also popularization of probability.
Steven Evans Professor
Alan Hammond Associate Professor Statistical mechanics, studied rigorously via modern techniques from mathematical probability
Michael Klass Professor
Jim Pitman Professor
Alistair Sinclair Professor
Allan Sly Associate Professor Discrete Probability, Probability in statistical physics and theoretical computer science, Mixing Times of Markov Chains, Stochatic Processes on Networks, Combinatorial statistics
Nike Sun Assistant Professor


Researcher Title Research Focus Research Interests
Shirshendu Ganguly Miller Fellow
Shishi Luo Postdoctoral Scholar (joint CS) Applied stochastic processes, evolutionary biology, theoretical immunology

Graduate Students

Researcher Dissertation Advisor Research Focus
Zsolt Bartha
Hye Soo Choi Steve N. Evans
Jonathan Hermon Maximal inequalities and mixing times Allan Sly
Lisha Xiang Li David Aldous
Soumendu Sundar Mukherjee
Sujayam Saha Bin Yu, Aditya Guntuboyina Machine Learning, Theory of Statistics
Wenpin Tang Jim Pitman
Yumeng Zhang Allan Sly