2013 KAG Graduate Student Travel Fund Recipients

2013 KAG Graduate Student Travel Fund Recipients

Hye Soo Choi:

With the great support of KAG funding I took part in the 9th Cornell Probability Summer School in 2013. As everyone might notice from the title, this happens in every summer at Cornell university in Ithaca, NY. This is an awesome summer school for all students who are interested in Probability theory. Every year, it invites three renowned professors in Probability theory as the main lecturers and each of them gives six 75-min lectures. Between the main lectures, there are short lectures from other professors as well. Usually in the morning till 2pm, we have lectures from professors and after that there is great opportunity to listen to short talks of other participants of the summer school.

Owing to the generous funding from KAG, I did not need to worry at all about flight fee and some of local expenses and could concentrate on what I really wanted to focus much better. Thanks again for providing me with this amazing chance!

Wenpin Tang:

I would like to thank the KAG travel grant for supporting my trip to the 43th probability summer school in Saint-Flour, France in July 7-20 2013. The school is an annuel event; it takes place every summer. It consists in three courses and short presentations.

During the summer school, I gave a 35 min's talk about my recent research with Professor Jim Pitman. The title is "Vervaat's transform of Brownian bridges and Brownian motion" and the results were obtained in the spring 2013. We proved some path decomposition results concerning Vervaat's transform of Brownian bridges with non-zero endpoints. We discussed certain properties of such stochastic objects (non-Markovian, semi-martingale...etc).

The two-week long courses are interesting as well. Professor Chris Burdzy's course about Application of Brownian motion in analysis offers deep perception into (infinite) interacting particle system with absorbing boundary which is part of my current research interests. In addition, Professor Andrea Montanari's course helps me understand some recent research in mechanic statistics using probability.

All of this was made possible with the support of the KAG fund. I would greatly encourage graduate students in the Statistics department to use this resource in the future.