Viewing Departmental Calendars

The department maintains calendars for seminars, events, and room reservations within both the campus event system and Google Calendar (bCal). This page contains instructions on how to easily view them from your computer or mobile device.

Google Calendar / bCal

Departmental events can be overlaid onto your Google Calendar. Subscribe to a calendar by following these simple steps:

  1. Copy the calendar's Google Calendar ID from the table below.
  2. Log into You must do this before you can view these calendars.
  3. Click the (downward pointing) arrow to the RIGHT of "Other Calendars".
  4. Paste the Calendar ID into the search field with the label "Add a coworker's calendar".
  5. The calendar will now appear in the "Other Calendars" listing on the lower left-hand side of the main Google Calendar screen.

To hide a calendar, click once on the calendar in the left-hand side listing. Its color will turn white and its events will vanish. Click once more to restore the events.

Table of Calendars

Calendar iCal HTML Google Calendar ID
Neyman Seminar Download View berkeley [dot] edu_mlccs19fh9f6er73gger1i56ls [at] group [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com
Probability Seminar Download View berkeley [dot] edu_h2011rsfev0vklub3tdmg4ipng [at] group [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com
Statistics and Genomics Seminar Download View berkeley [dot] edu_mdsde326t2qccel6tc32bop0sk [at] group [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com
 Conference Rooms
Room 422 Download View berkeley [dot] edu_2d3835363739303033333235 [at] resource [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com
Room 443 Download View berkeley [dot] edu_7265736f757263652d31323832 [at] resource [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com
Room 1011 Download View berkeley [dot] edu_7265736f757263652d31323833 [at] resource [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com
Room 330 Download View berkeley [dot] edu_7265736f757263652d31323733 [at] resource [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com
Room 332 Download View berkeley [dot] edu_7265736f757263652d31323739 [at] resource [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com
Room 334 Download View berkeley [dot] edu_7265736f757263652d31323830 [at] resource [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com
Room 340 Download View berkeley [dot] edu_7265736f757263652d31323734 [at] resource [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com
Room 342 (Computer Lab) Download View berkeley [dot] edu_7265736f757263652d31323836 [at] resource [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com
Room 344 Download View berkeley [dot] edu_7265736f757263652d31323735 [at] resource [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com
Room 368 (Betty Scott Library) Download View berkeley [dot] edu_7265736f757263652d31323831 [at] resource [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com
Room 444 Download View berkeley [dot] edu_7265736f757263652d31323835 [at] resource [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com