Visiting scholars and students

  • Visiting Scholars are individuals who possess a Ph.D. or its equivalent, and whose primary purpose for residence on the Berkeley campus is to conduct independent research. The length of stay for a visiting scholar is at least one month and, normally, not more than two years. Visiting scholar positions are not compensated.
  • Visiting Student Researchers: Individuals whose proposed visit is to conduct research for the purpose of meeting doctoral degree requirements from another university, and the appointment term must be at least one month and not more than one year in duration.

Welcome and thank you for your interest in applying as a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Statistics at the University of California, Berkeley. The following steps are required:

Prior to Arrival

• Find a Statistics Department faculty member to sponsor your visit.

• Email Leori Gill at leorig [at] berkeley [dot] edu with begin and end dates, cv, funding for your stay, and whether you will be needing a visa or not. Please note that the Department of Statistics cannot offer visitors financial assistance and we would expect that visitors come on their own funding. We recommend that you refrain from making any flight reservations until you receive notice that your visiting and visa applications have been formally accepted and approved.

• You will receive a Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs (VSPA) Letter of Invitation upon approval of your appointment by the VSPA office.

• If you are an International visitor please see: Visa information for Visitors.

Upon Arrival

• Check-in with Leori Gill, 377 Evans Hall, when you arrive in Berkeley to obtain a non-employee ID number and sign the patent/oath form Be sure to bring all necessary documentation such as passport, visa, DS 2019, etc. if applicable.

• Pay the mandatory annual University Service Fee of $400 by making an electronic payment on line at e-Pay. Please note that a credit card or ATM debit card with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express logo on it will be needed to make a payment. In addition, you will need your non-employee number. This fee will provide you with a ID card, library card, email access, and more. To use e-Pay, go to

• CalNet Photo ID Card: Generally, it takes approximately 24 hours before you’re in the system after you check in with the department. The Cal Photo card office is located at 110 Cesar Chavez Center, Lower Sproul Hall (Phone: 510-643-6839; office hours are M-F, 9 AM-5 PM). In addition to providing your non-employee ID number, please be prepared to present a photo ID card, e.g., U.S. driver’s license or passport, for identification purposes. This office will also provide you with a CalNet ID token, which you will then authenticate and use to access many UC Berkeley online services. 

• CalNet ID: All individuals new to the Berkeley campus must activate a CalNet identity before you can access many online campus services. Obtain a temporary "token" (a numerical code) from the Cal photo Office listed above. Your default CalNet ID will be the same as your employee ID number. Go to the web page Activate CalNet ID to set up your CalNet ID and passphrase.

• Berkeley Email Account: Once you receive your CalNet identity and have authenticated your CalNet token, you can set up your UC Berkeley email account using the URL

• Health Insurance: All international and domestic visiting scholars and visiting student researchers are required to show proof of medical coverage that meets specified benefit levels. Visiting scholars and visiting student researchers will not be granted access to campus services until you have satisfied the insurance requirement. You will be required to enroll in the UC Berkeley Visiting Scholar Benefit Plan (UCBVSBP) or be granted a waiver of enrollment within 31 days of their appointment begin date. For more information see:

• Office Space: Once you obtain your Calnet ID return to the Statistics Department front office. You will be assigned a shared office for the duration of your stay and asked to provide a $25 deposit for the office key.

• Libraries: Library cards are issued at the Circulation desk in Doe Library.  You will need to show your employee ID card to obtain at library card.

• Computer Resources and Statistics E-mail: To get a Berkeley-Statistics e-mail address, please contact Ryan Lovett at: ryan [at] stat [dot] berkeley [dot] edu.

• Parking Permit: To obtain a parking pass or discounted BART/bus tickets, please visit Parking & Transportation with proof of affiliation with UCB (your EID/Non-EID#). The monthly fees for the various parking permits are posted on the Parking & Transportation website:

• Mandatory Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Orientation: Please e-mail vspa [at] berkeley [dot] edu with your name, department, telephone number, and e-mail address where you can be contacted. 

• Additional VSPA information:

• Additional information on benefits and privileges associated with the VSPA appointment:

• Additional Information for International Visitors:

We hope your visit to Berkeley will prove to be a fruitful and pleasurable experience.