The Graduate and Undergraduate Programs

The department grants the B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in Statistics.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs allow students to participate in a field that is growing in breadth of application and importance. Understanding the natural and human worlds in our 'information age' increasingly requires a statistical approach, and stochastic models and methods are essential components of research and applications across a vast spectrum of fields.

The University of California's Department of Statistics provides students with world-class resources for study and research, including access to the extensive computational resources maintained by the Statistical Computing Facility.

The Graduate Program - Ph.D. Degree »

The Graduate Program -- M.A. Degree »

The Undergraduate Program -- B.A. Degree »

There is also a separate but closely connected graduate program in Biostatistics.

Please see the Stat 001 Piazza forum for more information about our academic programs.