The Graduate Programs in Statistics

It's a great time to be doing graduate studies in statistics and probability! The astonishing amount of data being collected today is literally transforming science and the skills of statisticians and probabilists are more than ever in demand.

The advent of "Big data" is very exciting for statisticians, making statistical thinking a centerpiece of scientific inquiry in many areas of science and raising new questions for researchers interested in applied, methodological and theoretical questions. Probability is also thriving: probabilistic modeling has taken over many fields of applications and probability is very healthy as a subject in mathematics.

You'll find in our department a broad range of interests and high-quality scholarship - making for a lively and exciting intellectual environment. 

The PhD Degree

Students in the PhD program take core courses on the theory and application of probability and statistics during their first year. The second year typically includes additional course work and a transition to research leading to a dissertation. PhD thesis topics are diverse and varied, reflecting the scope of faculty research interests. Many students are involved in interdisciplinary research. There are Designated Emphases in Communication, Computation, and Statistics; Computational and Genomic Biology; and Computational Science and Engineering.

There is also a Ph.D. in Biostatistics, offered jointly with the School of Public Health (for which a separate admissions application is required).

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The MA Degree

The MA program includes students who are admitted directly into the department and students obtaining advanced degrees in other departments at Berkeley. Coursework consists of intensive graduate courses in probability, theoretical statistics, and statistical computing as well as an advanced course in modern applied statistics and a capstone course.  Students will have the option to take elective courses. 

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If you have questions, please be sure to check the rest of this website first before contacting the resources below, as the website can answer most questions. 

All Graduate Admissions Inquiries:
grad_adm [at] stat [dot] berkeley [dot] edu

PhD Program Advisor:
La Shana Porlaris 
373 Evans, stat-phd [at] berkeley [dot] edu

PhD Program Committee Chair & Head Graduate Advisor:
Prof. Elizabeth Purdom
433 Evans, epurdom [at] stat [dot] berkeley [dot] edu

MA Program Advisor:
David Apilado Jr. 
375 Evans, stat-ma [at] berkeley [dot] edu

MA Program Committee Chair:
Prof. Deborah Nolan
395 Evans, nolan [at] stat [dot] berkeley [dot] edu (subject: MA%20Admissions%20Inquiry)