Undergraduate Advising

Whom to Contact - Faculty, Staff, or Peer Advisor?

The Statistics Department has Faculty, Staff and Peer Advisors. You can best utilize your time and the advisors' time by first referring to the advisor who can best help you with your specific question or issue. Please read our website information and Frequently Asked Questions before contacting an advisor.

Faculty Advisors Staff Advisor Peer Advisor
Field of statistics General Academic Policies Major requirements
Statistics course content and selection Enrollment Issues Personal perspective on courses and co-curricular activities
Research When you have completed major declaration paperwork and are ready to declare Tips and resources on studying for Statistics classes
Graduate school Major completion checks and graduation Social support
Career exploration Academic Probation  
Applied Cluster Approvals (when not explicitly on the Approved Cluster List) When you do not know where to start When you do not know where to start
Advisor Codes during Special Statistics Tele-BEARS Advising  
 Major Declaration Process (see website first)

Advisor Contact Information and Advising Hours

  • Denise Yee, Undergraduate Staff Advisor & Course and Curriculum Officer
    369 Evans Hall | dyee [at] berkeley [dot] edu | 510-643-6131
  • Majabeen Samadi, Undergraduate Staff Advisor
    367A Evans Hall | majabeen [at] berkeley [dot] edu | 510-643-6131

SUMMER 2017 Advising

Drop-In Hours with Staff Advisors - Check in at Statistics Front Desk 367 Evans
Generally, Monday - Friday 9:30am-11am and 1:30pm-3:00pm but see the Advising Calendar above to confirm drop-in availability for this week.

Students who are unable to come to summer drop-in advising hours may email an advisor their questions or request a phone or Skype appointment.

REGULAR APPOINTMENTS will resume in Fall

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions before scheduling an appointment. Note that major declarations are not processed in the first 2 weeks of the semester nor during heavy enrollment advising times (late October through November in Fall and mid-March through late-April in Spring). Newly admitted students entering in the Fall semester will have many of the questions answered during Golden Bear Advising and Orientation.

STUDENTS EXPERIENCING ACADEMIC DIFFICULTY (including those on Academic Probation, those whose GPA is very close to 2.0, and those who earned a D, F or NP in a Statistics course the previous semester) should book a 30 minute appointment or Denise directly at 510-643-6131 or dyee [at] berkeley [dot] edu as soon as possible. Do not come to drop-ins or book a 15min appointment for this type of advising.

Email wfithian [at] berkeley [dot] edu 
Drop-In Faculty Advising will resume in the Fall.
Declared Statistics Majors can see Prof. Fithian to discuss Course Selection, Cluster Approval, Graduate School, Research  and to Review your Program Plan.
- Bring your transcript
- If you are are already declared and are (a) seeking approval of your cluster, (b) wish to use a course taken elsewhere for your Statistics major, or (c) are seeking approval for an exception such as substituting a graduate-level course for a Statistics 15x-level elective, also BRING THE FOLLOWING:

  2. YOUR MOST RECENTLY APPROVED PROGRAM PLAN/Application with Cluster - OBTAIN FROM DENISE or MAJABEEN in 367 Evans. You may email Denise or Majabeen ahead of time and one of them can leave copies at the Front Desk.

  3. YOUR PROPOSED NEW PROGRAM PLAN with course work planned until you graduate.

Email brill [at] stat [dot] berkeley [dot] edu 
Drop-In Faculty Advising will resume in the Fall.
Prospective Majors can see Prof. Brillinger with general questions to learn more about the field of statistics and about the major. Declared Majors Students can see Prof. Brillinger to discuss course selection, completing an Honors Thesis, Research, or Graduate School. All Students can see Prof. Brillinger to discuss course content.
NO Statistics Peer Advisors Drop-In Advising
Students in the Undergraduate Statistics Association may be able to answer questions you have about the student experience in Statistics courses. They hold academic, professional and social events throughout the fall and spring semesters. Visit http://www.usaberkeley.org/ and contact the officers to add to their mailing list.
There is also an unofficial Statistics Facebook Group at Berkeley where you may post questions to other students. Please note that this group is not moderated by the Statistics Department.

Other Academic Advising and Support Resources