Master's Program Coordinator and Assistant Director of Industry Relations
375 Evans
eblanton [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Financial Services Analyst 3
385 Evans Hall
k_gomez [at] berkeley [dot] edu
CSS HR Partner
383 Evans
jessicahorning [at] berkeley [dot] edu
510-239-7996 (cell)
CSS Travel & Entertainment Partner
410 Evans (Wednesday)
rachel [dot] jensen [at] berkeley [dot] edu
(510) 664-9554
SCF Systems Manager
499 Evans Hall
rylo [at] berkeley [dot] edu
(510) 995-0499
Front Office Manager
367 Evans Hall
mmelinn [at] berkeley [dot] edu
CSS Research Administrator (post-award)
379 Evans Hall (M, W, F) and 977 Evans Hall (T, Th)
kmfabiani [at] berkeley [dot] edu
CSS Research Administrator (Post-Award)
379 Evans Hall
jane [at] stat [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
(510) 642-9593
Academic Personnel Coordinator & Executive Assistant to the Chair
377 Evans Hall
acadpers [at] stat [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
Statistical Computing Consultant
495 Evans
paciorek [at] stat [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
Graduate Student Services Advisor
373 Evans Hall
lashana [at] berkeley [dot] edu
(510) 642-5361
CSS Research Administrator (Pre-Award)
40 Giannini Hall
scottroberts [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Undergraduate Student Services Advisor
367 Evans
majabeen [at] berkeley [dot] edu
(510) 643-2459
Department Manager
381 Evans Hall
lslakey [at] berkeley [dot] edu
(510) 642-4534
SCF Systems Administrator
497 Evans
lrtorres [at] berkeley [dot] edu
(510) 642-5497
Undergraduate Student Services Advisor & Course and Curriculum Officer
369 Evans Hall -- check in at 367 for undergraduate advising
dyee [at] berkeley [dot] edu
(510) 643-6131