Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising


The Statistics Student Services mission is to promote the educational, professional and personal development of students by providing helpful and timely advising services. Understanding the advising process as one of shared responsibilities between students and advisors, we partner with students to create educational plans that are consistent with their values and aspirations. We collaborate with faculty, other campus units and the broader statistics community to help students achieve their academic and career goals.


Natalie Poulos

Undergraduate Major Advisor and Course & Curriculum Officer


Denise Yee

Undergraduate Major Advisor and Course & Curriculum Officer

Will Fithian

​​​​Will Fithian

Faculty Advisor and Chair of the Undergraduate Committee

To meet with an advisor, view the Statistics Undergraduate Advising Calendar above to confirm available advising hours for the week. Then, follow the instructions below to either sign up for drop-ins (REMOTE only) or schedule an appointment (REMOTE or IN PERSON).

Drop-In Advising

Drop-In advising is designed for quick questions and consultations. Review the Advising Calendar for Drop-In Hours, join the waiting list during Drop-In Hours, then wait for an invitation to join an advisor via Zoom if attending remote drop-ins. If you are attending in-person drop-in advising, please come to the main office (367 Evans) and sign in via the QR code at the front desk. You will not be able to sign in if drop-in hours have not started or have already ended. Sign-ins may end early if the waiting list is already too long for advisors to see all waiting students.

Sign in to join the waiting list during drop-in hours or view the current waitlist to check your position or see how many other students are already waiting.

Book an Appointment

Current UC Berkeley students may book an appointment through CalCentral after reviewing the Advising Calendar. Generally, appointments are not available during the first 2 weeks of the the semester except for graduating seniors needing a Degree Check.

Appointments can be booked with a Staff Advisor for 15 or 30 minutes. They are designed to accommodate students wanting to have more in-depth discussions about their studies or to discuss more complicated or sensitive matters. Appointments can take place remotely over Zoom or In Person. If you prefer a Google Meeting or phone meeting, please mention this when you book the appointment.

Instructions on making an advising appointment via CalCentral can be found here. Note that if you are not a declared Statistics major, you will need to select Statistics from the dropdown menu for Advisor Type.

When Drop-In Hours and Appointment Times are not convenient 

Students who are in vastly different time zones or have family or other personal commitments that prevent them from being able to meet with an advisor during hours listed in the Advising Calendar are encouraged to reach out to advisors via email to schedule an alternative time to meet by proposing a few different days and times blocks within the hours of 8:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday Pacific Time. The beginning of the semester is often very busy but we will do our best to accommodate requests within a week. 

Declared Majors Needing to Update Their Major Plan

Update Your Major Plan Form

Declared Majors wishing to...

  • add a minor
  • add another major
  • change their Stat electives or cluster courses
  • request approval/exception to use transfer course work or courses not on pre-approved list for the major
  • obtain a signature for a form from another department (e.g. Study Abroad, Financial Aid, Berkeley International Student Office, etc)
Use the Undergraduate Advising Questions Form for other inquiries

Undergraduate Advising Questions Form

Students with other questions may submit them via the Undergraduate Advising Questions Form. During the Fall and Spring semesters, these are reviewed weekly by the Undergraduate Faculty and Staff Advisors. 

Request for Evaluation of Non-UC Berkeley Course

Request for Evaluation of Non-UC Berkeley Course

Students who took or plan to take Statistics courses at another university may request an evaluation of their Statistics courses using this Request for Evaluation of Non-UC Berkeley Course. This is not applicable to California Community Colleges since equivalence can be verified on Assist.org.

Stat 197 Application

Stat 197 Application

Students who are intended or declared Statistics majors may use this form to request approval/ receive course credit for an internship relevant to the field of statistics. 

Statistics Instructor/Student Contract for Incomplete Grade

It is at the discretion of instructors to assign an Incomplete grade for students. The Statistics Instructor/Student Contract for Incomplete Grade is used to document the remaining work the student must complete in order to resolve the Incomplete grade. Both the student and instructor should sign the contract and provide a copy to the Statistics Department via email.

Program Planning Worksheet for Statistics

Students interested in mapping out how they might complete the Statistics major may use this

 Program Planning Worksheet.

Whom to Contact - Faculty Advisor, Staff Advisor, or Other?

The Statistics Department has Faculty and Staff Advisors. You can best utilize your time and the advisors' time by first referring to the advisor who can best help you with your specific question or issue. Please read our website information before contacting an advisor. Your question may also be addressed in our Triage Advising Form or in Stat 001 Ed Discussions.

Faculty Advisors Staff Advisor  
Field of statistics (Both) General Academic Policies  
Statistics course content and selection (Both) Enrollment Issues  
Research  Following up on Major/Minor Application  
Graduate school (Both) Major completion checks and graduation  
Career exploration (Both) Academic Progress  
Applied Cluster Approvals (when not explicitly on the Approved Cluster List) Major/Minor Declaration Process (see Prospective Majors/Minors first)