Statistics Minor

Statistics Minor

Statistics Minor SnapshotThe Statistics minor is for students who want to study a significant amount of Statistics and Probability at the upper division level. It will provide them with formal recognition for their effort on their transcript, but not on their diploma. The minor consists of four lower division math courses and five upper division statistics courses. Students can overlap a maximum of one upper division course between their major and minor. After completing ALL minor courses, student must fill out the Completion of L&S Minor  form.

Please see Declare the Minor for more information about how to declare the statistics minor. 

Students are encouraged to join the Stat 001 Ed Discussion for departmental updates and announcements!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if any transfer courses I have taken can be used for the major or minor?

a) Prerequisite Math Courses. See Transfer Credit, A-Levels, and IB above.

b) Upper Division Statistics Courses. The Statistics Department Head Undergraduate Faculty Advisor can evaluate upper division non-UC Berkeley coursework for equivalency. Submit an Evaluation of Non-UC Berkeley Course request form (obtain in 367 Evans or on the Statistics Undergraduate Advising website) along with supporting material, such as a course description, syllabus, and textbook information. The Head Undergraduate Faculty Advisor can also approve use of upper division transfer courses to fulfill any upper division major requirements (15x-level and cluster courses). Three-unit courses that last a trimester or quarter are not equivalent to any Berkeley course.

Can I take graduate courses to satisfy upper division Statistics requirements?

Yes, you may take graduate courses in statistics to satisfy your upper division requirements with Head Undergraduate Faculty Advisor approval. The Undergraduate Faculty Advisor should be contacted to confirm that your graduate course selections are appropriate. Taking any graduate course also requires the consent of the instructor to ensure that you have adequate preparation. Stat 200A-B, 201A-B, 278B, and other seminar courses may not be substituted for 15x-level courses. Graduate courses are not recommended for students who have yet to attempt upper division courses nor for those who have not excelled in upper division courses.

With the instructor's consent and approval from Undergraduate Faculty Advisor:

  • 200A, C205A or C205B may be substituted for 134
  • 200B, 210A or 210B may be substituted for 135
  • 204, C206A or  C206B may be substituted for 150
  • 230A or 215A may be substituted for 151A
  • 232 may be substituted for 152 or 158
  • C239A (cross-listed with Pol Sci C236A) may be used in lieu of 157
  • 240 may be used in lieu of 157
  • C241A or C241B may be substituted for 154
  • 243 or 244 may be substituted for 133
  • C245A, B, C, E, or F may be substituted for 151B
  • 248 may be substituted for 153
  • 251 may be used in lieu of 157
  • C261 may be used in lieu of 157

Note that Stat 201A-B is not listed because it is generally restricted to Statistics MA students and is not recommended for undergraduates.

How many courses can I overlap with my minor?

Students can overlap up to 1 upper division course with a minor offered by L&S. For non-L&S minors, please refer to:

How many courses can I take elsewhere to substitute for Statistics Minor requirements?

Students completing the Statistics minor can take up to two upper division courses elsewhere to satisfy minor requirements. Prior approval must be granted by the Head Undergraduate Faculty Advisor. The remaining required courses for the minor must be completed at Berkeley.