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Career Services

We are committed to empowering our community members with the tools, resources, and guidance they need to excel in their careers. Whether you are a current student preparing to launch your professional journey or an alum seeking new opportunities, our faculty and staff are here to support you every step of the way.

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Discover Your Path: Unleash Your Potential

Navigating the world of statistics offers a multitude of exciting career paths. From data science to actuarial science, from finance to healthcare analytics, and from research to consulting, the possibilities are endless.

What are some common career paths?

A degree in Statistics opens up a wide range of career opportunities across various industries. Here are some common career paths that individuals with a degree in Statistics pursue:

  • Data Scientist: Analyzing complex datasets, developing statistical models, and extracting insights to drive data-informed decision-making.
  • Statistician: Designing experiments, conducting surveys, analyzing data, and interpreting results to support research or business objectives.
  • Actuary: Assessing and managing risks by analyzing data and applying statistical models in areas such as insurance, finance, and consulting.
  • Quantitative Analyst: Applying statistical and mathematical models to analyze financial markets, develop trading strategies, and manage investment portfolios.
  • Business Analyst: Utilizing statistical techniques to analyze business data, identify trends, and provide insights for strategic decision-making.
  • Market Research Analyst: Conducting research, collecting data, and analyzing consumer trends to assist companies in making informed marketing and business decisions.
  • Epidemiologist: Investigating patterns and causes of diseases by analyzing health-related data to inform public health policies and interventions.
  • Data Engineer: Building and maintaining data infrastructure, managing large datasets, and ensuring data quality and accessibility for analysis.
  • Research Scientist: Conducting statistical research, developing new methodologies, and contributing to advancements in statistical theory and practice.
  • Financial Analyst: Analyzing financial data, evaluating investment opportunities, and providing recommendations for financial planning and decision-making.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other career paths available to individuals with a degree in Statistics. The field of Statistics intersects with numerous industries, offering a diverse range of opportunities for those with a strong statistical background. Learn more

What industries utilize statistics?

The field of Statistics intersects with numerous industries, as data analysis and statistical insights are valuable across various sectors. Here are some of the industries where statistics plays a significant role:

  • Healthcare: Statistics is utilized in medical research, clinical trials, epidemiology, public health analysis, healthcare quality assessment, and health policy development.
  • Finance and Banking: Statistical modeling is crucial for risk assessment, portfolio analysis, credit scoring, fraud detection, market research, and financial forecasting.
  • Technology and Data Science: Statistical techniques are applied in data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, optimization, and algorithm development.
  • Market Research and Marketing: Statistics helps in analyzing consumer behavior, conducting surveys, designing experiments, segmenting markets, and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Government and Public Policy: Statistical analysis informs public policy decisions, social and economic research, census data analysis, crime analysis, and environmental research.
  • Manufacturing and Engineering: Statistics is used for quality control, process improvement, reliability analysis, supply chain management, and product optimization.
  • Education and Academia: Statistics plays a role in educational research, assessment and evaluation, experimental design, and analyzing educational data.
  • Insurance: Actuarial science relies heavily on statistical models for risk assessment, pricing, underwriting, and claims analysis.
  • Consulting: Statistical expertise is sought in various consulting fields, including management consulting, data analytics consulting, financial consulting, and healthcare consulting.
  • Sports and Gaming: Statistics is used for player and team performance analysis, sports analytics, game strategy optimization, and sports betting modeling.

These are just a few examples, and the application of Statistics can be found in many other industries as well. The growing importance of data-driven decision-making has increased the demand for statistical expertise across various sectors.

What is the median salary?

Starting salaries for statisticians and data scientists can vary based on a number of factors such as location, experience, education (having a degree from UC Berkeley is a plus!), industry, and the specific company or organization. According to the Cal Grads Data the median starting salary for Statistics graduates in 2022 was $91,250.

Here are approximate starting salary ranges for statisticians/data scientists in the United States as of 2021:

Bachelor's Degree (BA/BSc) in Statistics/Data Science or related field:

  • Median starting salary: $50,000 to $80,000 per year

Master's Degree (MA/MSc) in Statistics/Data Science or related field:

  • Median starting salary: $70,000 to $100,000 per year

Doctoral Degree (PhD) in Statistics/Data Science or related field:

  • Median starting salary: $90,000 to $120,000 per year


Industry Connections: Building Bridges to Your Future

We maintain strong ties with leading companies and organizations in various industries. Through our extensive network of alumni and Industry Alliance Program (IAP) partners, we open doors to exciting internships, fellowships, and full-time positions. Engaging with our vibrant alumni and IAP community and attending exclusive networking events will provide you with a competitive advantage in today's job market.

Do you want to be put in contact with an alum in a particular field or to learn more about a company? Contact our Director of Communications & External Relations for more information.

Career Workshops and Events: Empowering Your Growth

Stay ahead of the curve with our research seminars, career-focused workshops, and events. From mastering data analytics tools to honing soft skills like communication and leadership, our workshops are designed to equip you with the expertise demanded by employers. Don't miss our alumni/industry panels and recruitment events, where you'll gain valuable insights and interact with industry professionals.  Keep an eye on your email inbox for department event information!

Are you an alum who would like to be on a panel, volunteer on our mock interview day, or hold a recruitment event? Contact our Director of Communications and External Relations.

The Career Center hosts many events. If you are in need of something, chances are, they have an event about it! Check out their event calendar.

Internship and Job Postings: Your Gateway to Success

Receive announcements of internship and job postings exclusively available to our community. Whether you're seeking part-time internships during your studies or full-time positions after graduation, we will connect you with exceptional opportunities that match your interests and aspirations. If you are a current Statistics student, alumni, or postdoc contact your advisor or the Director of Communications and External Relations to be added to our job announcement list.

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Do you know about these job search sites?

The Chronicle of Higher Education Indeed StatsJobs HigherEdJobs
A job search site for positions in academia as well as government and nonprofit A popular job search site that includes job search resources A job search site specifically for statistics-related positions A job search site for careers in academia that includes job search resources

Alumni Success Stories: Inspiring Your Future

Our alumni have made remarkable contributions in diverse fields, and their success stories are an inspiration for all. Learn from those who have walked the path before you, and see how a Statistics degree from our department can lead to extraordinary achievements. Our Director of Communications and External Relations can put you in touch with our alumni.

Where are our BA alumni working?

Accurate Health Partners
Akuna Capital
Anjaneyap Global
Aon Risk Services
Bain an Company
Bank of America
Berkeley High School
Capital Group Company
Cisco Systems
Clear Skye
Cornerstone Research
DAOL Ventures
Deltacore Capital
Deutsche Bank
Dolby Laboratories
Eilers & Krejcik
Federal Reserve Bank
Ford Motor Company
FTI Consulting
GCA Advisors
Goldman Sachs
Granite Construction
Hudson River Trading
IXL Learning
Jane Street Capital
JP Chase Morgan
Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Lawrence Livermore Lab
Media Tek
Micron Technology
Minnesota Twins
Move Guides
National Economics Research Associates
National General Insurance
National Health Corps
National Institutes of Health
Palo Alto Networks
Premiere Nutrition
Tech Wolf Lab
Two Six Capital
UBS Financial Services
UC Berkeley
University of Chicago
Willis Towers Watson
Xcel Energy
ZS Associates
*Updated as of Fall 2022

Where are our MA alumni working?

[24]7, Speech Scientist Intern
Acumen LLC, Data and Policy Analyst
AIG, Senior Risk Technical Expert
Aiooki USA Inc., Intern
Alibaba, Senior Risk Advisor
Amazon, Data Scientist
Amazon Web Services AI, Applied Scientist II
American Airlines, Analyst, Operations Planning & Performance
Amgen, Senior Associate Data Scientist
Arch Mortgage Insurance Company (Arch MI), Risk Analyst III
Banco de México, Deputy Manager, Financial Specialist, Risk Analyst
Bank of the West, Quantitative Analyst Senior, AVP
BCG, Data Scientist
Blue Shield of California, Data Specialist
Bureau of Labor Statistics, Economist
CBS Interactive, Business Intelligence Intern
Citi, ML Researcher
Clover Health, Senior Data Scientist
CNA, Associate Research Analyst
Coursera, Data Scientist, Machine Learning
Customer Marketing Group, Analyst Intern
Deloitte, Analytics Advisory Consultant
Democracy Prep Public Schools, Data Fellow
Discover Financial Services, Associate
Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution, Data Scientist
DNV GL, Analyst
Drawbridge Inc., Data Analyst
Dyson, Analytics Engineer
E&J Gallo Winery, Statistician
Encore Capital Group, Data Analyst
ESPN, Sports Analytics Associate
FICO®, Analytic Science - Scientist I, Lead Consultant
Fiddler Labs, Data Scientist
Fruition Sciences, Data Scientist
General Mills, Consumer Insight Data Scientist
Genentech, Analytic Data Scientist
Ghiradelli Chocolate Company, IT Business Analyst
Google, Quantitative Analyst, Software Engineer
Grant Thornton, Associate
Grid Dynamics, Data Scientist
Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, Strategic Analyst
Houzz, Quantitative Analyst
HP Inc., RFQ Cost Analyst / Business Planning, Data Scientist
IBM, Data Scientist & Software Developer
IBM China, Data Scientist
IBM DemandTec Solutions, Retail Modeling Statistician
IHiS (Integrated Health Information Systems), Systems Analyst
Jackson Lewis, Statistician
Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Information Management Analyst
JP Morgan, Associate
JP Research, Inc., Research Analyst
Kaiser Permanente, Data Reporting and Analytics Consultant, Programming II
Korea Institute of Finance, Intern
KPMG China, Consultant
LeanTaaS, Data Engineer
Leidos, Biostatistician I
LinkedIn, Senior Data Scientist
Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Postdoc
Meta, Data Communications Research Associate Manager, Data Scientist, Research Data Scientist
McKinsey & Company, Analyst
Microsoft, Data & Applied Scientist II, Software Engineer II
MITRE, Data Scientist
Moloco, Senior Data Scientist
Moffett.AI, Machine Learning Software Engineer
Natera, Data Scientist
Neiman Marcus Group, Data Scientist
Nielsen, Statistician
Palantir Technologies, Deployed Computational Engineer
PayPal, Risk Management Specialist, Senior Data Scientist
Pinterest, Product Analyst
Proctor & Gamble, Scientist
Quick Bridge Funding, Data Scientist
Schneider Electric & INRIA, PhD Student
Shanghai Rosefinch Investment & Development Center Partnership Ltd., Quantitative Analyst
Spotify, Data Scientist
State Farm, Life/Health Actuarial Analyst II
Strava, Machine Learning Engineer
Ten-X, Data Scientist
Tencent, Research Data Scientist
TrueCar, Inc., Lead Product Analyst
Uber, Statistician
Unify Consulting, Senior Consultant - Data Science
Verisk Analytics, Analytic Scientist
VigLink, Data Science Intern/Researcher
Virtual Pediatric Systems, LLC, Data Analyst
Visa, Sr. Data Scientist
Walmart, Data Analyst, Global People Analytics
Walmart eCommerce, Global Customer Insights and Analytics Intern
Wayfair, Technical Analyst
Waymo, Software Engineer
Wells Fargo, Senior Marketing Database Analyst, Risk Management
Wish, Risk Data Scientist
*Updated as of Fall 2022

Where are our PhD alumni working?

Rutgers University, Assistant Professor
Stealth Startup, Staff Research Scientist
Two Sigma, Quantitative Researcher
Citadel Securities, Quantitative Researcher
University of Chicago, Postdoctoral Researcher
Facebook, Research Scientist
PerformanceStar LLC, Senior Machine Learning Engineer
The Voleon Group, Research
Mercer University, Assistant Professor
The Voleon Group, Research
Bucknell College, Assistant Professor
Google, Data Scientist
Genentech, Biosatistician

Join an Association: Build Your Network

Joining a professional association is a great way to build your career. Most of these statistical associations host events which are excellent ways to meet people and learn about professional opportunities. They also have job boards and career resources. And you do not need to wait until you graduate. Associations almost always have student memberships so join today!

Contact Us: Let's Begin Your Journey

Ready to embark on an exciting career journey? Reach out to your advisor today or schedule an appointment with the Career Center and take the first step towards unlocking your career potential. Your success is our ultimate goal, and we're thrilled to be part of your bright future in the world of statistics!

Need help setting up or reviewing your social media presence, including tips on your LinkedIn profile? Contact Alex Coughlin our Director of Communications and External Relations to make an appointment.

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