Courses and Enrollment

Courses and Enrollment

Data is all around us - the number of birds in a migration or using data to determine outcomes in medical research. We teach you the mathematical, computational and theoretical concepts of statistical analysis.

Our instruction is at the cutting edge of statistical science. Our pedagogy includes concepts across data science, probability, applied and theoretical statistics, mathematics and machine learning. We are innovative in adapting new interdisciplinary courses and methods to meet a changing world around us.



Fall 2024 Statistics Course Info Spreadsheet

The Statistics Course Information Spreadsheet contains enrollment information about upcoming Statistics courses, including information about reserved seating, enrollment appeal forms, and class notes.

View a full list of Statistics course descriptions in the

Decal Courses are student-Initiated and student-facilitated courses. They must be proposed and approved prior to the start of every semester by deadlines set by the Academic Senate. The Statistics faculty have sponsored Decals on a range of topics in recent years, including Wild and Fermented Foods, Introduction to Poker, Preparation for the Actuarial 1/P Exam, Introduction to Quantitative Finance, and Actuarial Data Analytics.

Students interested in proposing a Statistics Decal should review the following resources:

Fall 2024 Stat Decal Proposal Submission Form

The deadline to submit a Statistics Decal Proposal for Fall 2024 is 1:00pm Friday, June 28th though earlier is preferred.

Students who have graduate-level training in statistics, or biostatistics, or cognate subject, may consider enrolling in Stat 272, our Statistics Consulting Service.

Requesting Equivalence Evaluation of Non-UC Statistics Berkeley Course

If you have taken a statistics course elsewhere and would like to determine if the course is equivalent to a UC Berkeley Statistics course, you may submit a request form for an Evaluation of Non-UC Berkeley Statistics Course. To access the form, you must be logged into your Berkeley email account, and NOT your personal account.

NOTE: A single quarter-term course is generally not evaluated as equivalent to a semester-term Statistics course. Exceptions are sometimes made if the course is unusually intensive for a quarter-long course or is significantly more advanced than the semester-long course it is being evaluated against.