Course Enrollment Information

Course Enrollment Information

​​​​​Spring 2024 Course Enrollment Info

General Enrollment Policies

  • RESERVED SEATING. Seats in undergraduate courses are generally open for enrollment except in the Fall semesters when some seats are reserved in Stat 20 and Stat 134 for incoming transfer students. Additionally, some seats in select upper division Statistics electives are reserved for declared Statistics majors throughout Phase I. Students who are not declared majors have the option to add to the waitlist. Any remaining reserved seats are released at the end of Phase I. See this semester's course information details about reserved seating for individual classes.
  • GRADUATE COURSES. Undergraduate students cannot enroll or add to the waitlist. If you are an undergrad and wish to take a graduate level course, wait until the start of the semester and speak with the instructor about enrolling but it may take a couple of weeks to know if you can enroll because priority is given to graduate students.
  • UNIT CAP INCREASES. The maximum enrollment limit for students in the College of L&S is 20.5 units. Statistics majors who wish to enroll in more units, can submit the Statistics Major Unit Cap Increase Request Form but it will not be reviewed until the 3rd week of the semester. You will hear back from us via email whether or not your request has been approved. Students who have additional majors will also need approval from their other major advisor(s). We will contact them before processing requests on our end.
  • REQUISITE ENFORCEMENT. Select courses have requisites enforced by the enrollment system. This means students who have not met the prerequisites or whose prerequisites are not properly reflected in Calcentral will not be able to enroll or even get on the waiting list. Students who have met the requisites but are still encountering errors should check the course enrollment details for the semester to see if there is an enrollment appeal process.



When a course is full:

  • Make sure you marked the box “waitlist if full” when attempting to add the course.
  • Check to see if there is space on the waitlist for the lab/discussion you are trying to add. If the lab waitlist is full, you will not be able to add to the waitlist.
  • Time conflicts:
    • If Statistics instructors have indicated that time conflicts are allowed with the lecture, lab, or both, this will already be noted in the scheduling system. Because instructors have already provided their policies, Department staff cannot approve of time conflict override requests. No exceptions.
    • Holding asynchronous lectures or labs does not mean instructors have approved of students having time conflicts with their classes. Some instructors hold in-person instructional activities (e.g. actual lectures that are recorded at the time, problem-solving sessions, or in-depth review that goes over pre-recorded lecture content) and they want to encourage students to attend. Asynchronous options are really meant to accommodate students in vastly time zones that make it difficult to attend live lectures.
Common Errors
  • Lab/Discussion Section you chose is full
  • The waitlist of the Lab/Disc Section is full
  • Student does not meet the prerequisites
  • Student does not meet reserved seating criteria (e.g. Statistics major)
  • Over maximum units allowed - Statistics majors may request to increase their unit limit beginning the 3rd week of the semester by completing an online form. We will post the link to the form here once the semester starts.
  • Student is on the waitlist and not officially enrolled in a co-requisite that is enforced by the enrollment system (e.g. one must be enrolled in or have completed Data C8 in order to enroll in Stat 88). 
Switching Labs or Discussion Sections

If you are enrolled in a course and need to switch lab/discussion sections:  Select the “Options” link on CalCentral on the My Academics page of the Class Enrollment card under the “Class Adjustment” section. You can only do this if you are enrolled but not on the waitlist. This will only work if the lab/discussion section has seats available for enrollment. If you select a lab/discussion that has a waitlist, you will be unenrolled and moved to the waitlist for the entire class. Do NOT use “Swap” to switch discussion sections!

If you wish to switch discussion sections and the semester has already begun it is also a good idea to check in with your old and new Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) to make sure that any scores you have already received can be transferred to the new GSI.

Waitlisted Courses With Labs/Discussions

Enrollment is dependent upon if there is a seat available in the lab/discussion and each lab/discussion has a waitlist. To increase your chance of enrolling, select the lab/discussion that has the least number of students on the waitlist. Students can only see their lab/discussion waitlist position at the time of adding to the waitlist. After adding to the waitlist, students can only see their lecture waitlist position number. How this works is that the system starts with the first student on the lecture waitlist and will enroll the student if there is space available in the lab/discussion they have selected. If not, it moves on to the next student on the lecture waitlist and so forth. The waitlist processes 8 times a day (3:40am/pm, 6:40 am/pm, 9:40am/pm and 12:40 am/pm).

If you are waitlisted for a class, you will need to attend class and keep up with all work and will need to wait until enough students drop in order for you to enroll. Have a back-up course in case you are not able to enroll. Be aware that if you are on the waitlist for a class and you have a time conflict with another course you are enrolled in, you will move up the waitlist but the system will prevent you from enrolling. Make sure you have no time conflicts. 

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment applications are generally not processed until the 3rd or 4th week of the semester. Please have patience. Make sure you attend class and keep up with all the work in case you are able to enroll later. Instructor approval is required before the Statistics Department can approve your class application. Review the semester course enrollment details spreadsheet for additional information about each course.

To increase your chances of enrolling, enter all the labs/discussions you are able to attend in the “Additional Information” box after you have selected your lab/discussion. If you have already submitted your class application and did not enter additional labs/discussions in the “Additional Information” box, go back and edit your class application (Go to CalCentral > "My Academics" tab > "Edit Class Applications"). When the instructor and Department begins to review class applications, your selected lab/discussion will be considered first and then the rest after. If there is space in any of the labs/discussions you listed in the “Additional Information” box, then we will contact you to edit your selected lab/discussion. Therefore, make sure to check your email once the semester starts. 

Instructions on how to edit lab/discussion on your Concurrent Enrollment Application

Go to CalCentral > "My Academics" tab > "Edit Class Applications" Select the application that needs to be updated.

  • In the 5-digit course number box, the number for the lecture will be posted. DO NOT CHANGE THIS.
  • Go to the secondary section area of the form. Enter the 5-digit number for the new section. Select the magnifying glass, and the information for that course should now show up in the form.
  • Hit "Resubmit" at the bottom of the form.

Now your application is updated, and it did not change the order that your application was submitted in!