Berkeley Statistics Professional Master's Program

Berkeley Statistics Professional Master's Program

Berkeley Statistics Professional Master's Program candidates are engaged in a full-time program for 10 months (Fall and Spring semesters) with the option of a third semester. This program aims to prepare students for careers in industries that demand strong statistical and data science skills. The focus of the program is preparing students to address real-world statistical and data science challenges encountered in various industries. The Master's (or MA) program provides a roadmap to success by combining rigorous core courses with an elective program in graduate-level Statistics that meets areas of interest or career goals

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Program Summary

Ranked the #2 Best Graduate School for Statistics* (U.S. News & World Report, 2022), the Berkeley Statistics Professional Master's Degree Program includes students from a wide range of undergraduate and even unrelated graduate degree backgrounds. Coursework consists of intensive graduate courses in probability, theoretical statistics, and statistical computing as well as an advanced course in modern applied statistics and a capstone course.

Students will have the option to select from a range of elective courses, including those with a strong emphasis on data science, machine learning, natural language processing, optimization, and more. These courses equip students with skills needed for this rapidly growing field.

The program, which spans approximately 10 months and covers both the fall and spring semesters, is designed for full-time students and aims to be completed within these two semesters. In order to obtain the MA in Statistics, admitted MA students must complete a minimum of 24 units of courses and pass a comprehensive examination. Additionally, the program prides itself on its diverse community, bringing together students from various backgrounds and fostering an inclusive and collaborative learning environment.

For more information on course and unit requirements, please see our ​​​​​​Program Information ​​​​​page.

🌟 Apply for Fall 2025! 🌟

Key Dates:

📅 Application Deadline: December 17, 2024

📅 Applications Open: September 2024

Important Information:

🚫 No GRE Required: GRE scores will not be accepted for Fall 2025 applicants.


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Where Are Our Graduates Now?

Graduates from the Master’s in Statistics work at a variety of companies across a wide range of industries including: Technology, Finance/Banking, Insurance, Environmental, Healthcare and many others. For our most up to date list please see our Professional Development page

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Financial Aid Information


Financial Aid Information

The UC Berkeley Department of Statistics encourages students from all backgrounds to apply for our professional master's degree. The Department is committed to the inclusion of diverse populations and to minimizing financial barriers. To achieve these goals and to remove financial barriers which may be restrictive, departmental financial support is made available.

Progam Information


MA Statistics Program Information

The MA Statistics program offers rigorous courses over 2 semesters to prepare students industry leading roles in statistics and data science.




"I enjoyed my experience with the MA Program. I feel like I was pushed to learn more than I ever have, and I feel like I am well prepared for future endeavors. One thing about this program that I really appreciated is that I was always prepared to answer theoretical interview questions."



"Our program is definitely one of the best statistics programs in the world, with both rigorous theory and applied knowledge! Besides, the faculty support is so strong and makes me more confident to accept any challenges! I am so proud of being a graduate student here, and will work harder in the future to enable more talents to join us!"


 *Best Graduate Schools for Statistics (2022). U.S. News & World Report Rankings Retrieved June 13, 2024.