Free Statistical Consulting

Free Statistical Consulting

The Department of Statistics operates a free consulting service for members of the campus community. Advanced graduate students, under faculty supervision, consult by appointment in the fall and spring semesters. We do not run the consulting service during the summer.

Campus researchers — faculty, visiting scholars, staff, and students — are welcome to use our service for advice at any stage of their research and data analysis, but it is best to come early so that the consultants can be helpful at the design stage. Some problems may be outside our scope; if so, we will not provide service beyond an initial consultation.

Schedule a Consultation

We are open for the semester. Please email to inquire about our services and/or schedule an appointment. In the body of your message, please provide:

  • a one-paragraph description of your problem and the context in which it arises
  • your title and affiliation

Consulting appointments last approximately an hour. The first appointment is usually spent learning about the problem, and then a followup session is usually scheduled to discuss specific advice. Please be aware that the consultant does not actually do the analysis, but offers advice about the analysis.

No new appointments will be scheduled after the last day of classes of the semester. We may schedule followup appointments the "reading week" period with returning clients, as needed. After that point, no appointments will be available until the service resumes in the following semester.

Questions regarding coursework or homework are handled by the Tutoring service.

Questions regarding the Statistics Department's academic programs or courses are handled by our Student Services Advisors.

Due to COVID, we are rendering all of our consulting services remotely.

Registering to take Consulting (STAT 272)

This service is associated with the course Statistics 272, which may be taken for credit. If you are not a graduate student in the Statistics or Biostatistics departments, you need to get permission of the instructor to take the course. MA students in Statistics and Biostatistics must add to the waitlist until the instructor approves enrollment in the course.