Login Servers

Login Servers

We run a variety of stand-alone Linux servers that you can login to. All machines provide access to your home directory (and other areas of the SCF filesystem), allow you to submit jobs to our Linux cluster, and provide the same suite of SCF-maintained software. You can also run jobs on these machines (see below).

Available machines

The stand-alone servers include arwen (16 cores), gandalf (8), ghan (4), gollum (4), hermione (6), quidditch (8), radagast (8), shelob (8).

To connect to machines, please use SSH, remote desktop, or our JupyterHub (which includes a Terminal application). When ssh'ing, you would enter their fully qualified names, e.g., gandalf.berkeley.edu.

Their names can be listed on any SCF machine by typing 'sitehosts compute'

You can browse the list of the SCF computers on our Grafana dashboards (SCF login required), including a general overview of most machines.

Running jobs on the stand-alone servers

You can run jobs on the stand-alone servers, but in most cases you are better off submitting jobs to the cluster. To run jobs on these machines, you do not need to use Slurm. Also, please read the policies on running jobs on the compute servers. Of the machines, gollum, hermione, quidditch, and shelob have the fastest CPUs, while gandalf and radagast have the most memory (132 GB).