Room Reservations

Room Reservations

All rooms are available for official university business only.

Scheduling Priorities

  • Statistics courses (including course-related uses such as review sessions, extra office hours, and grading)
  • Statistics official department meetings and seminars
  • Statistics special events, lab/group meetings, reading groups or seminars
  • On a case by case basis, the Statistics Department may consider requests from partnering departments to schedule courses and meetings but we may not be able to confirm until after the second week of classes or when course room assignments are finalized, whichever comes first.

Who Can Reserve Rooms

  • All Statistics faculty, staff, graduate students and visitors
  • Partnering departments on an individual basis:

    • Cal Teach
    • Data Science Undergraduate Studies
    • Student Learning Center
    • Math Department
    • Public Health

Only the contact person who made the reservation may cancel or request a change to an existing reservation.

Timing Restrictions

Normal building hours are M-F 7am-7pm. The building is closed to the public on weekdays after 7pm and all day on the weekends. The contact person reserving the room is responsible for ensuring that attendees have access to the room. The contact person is also responsible for closing the room if the meeting or event concludes after normal business hours. Staff is only available to open classroom doors M-F 8am-12pm, and 1-5pm. Room 368 Evans (the Betty Scott Library) is only available M-F 9am-4pm.

When Rooms Can Be Reserved

Classrooms (330, 332, 334, 340, 342, and 344) can only be reserved after semester courses are entered into the calendars, generally by the first week of classes.

Room Calendars

You must log into your bCal account before you can view these calendars. After clicking on the links below, you will see the corresponding calendar in your web browser.

Room bCal name Capacity Type Projector
330 Evans Stat-Class-330 Cap:40 40 Classroom Yes
332 Evans Stat-Class-332 Cap:40 40 Classroom Yes
334 Evans Stat-Class-334 Cap:40 40 Classroom Yes
340 Evans Stat-Class-340 Cap:40 40 Classroom Yes
342 Evans Stat-Lab-342 Cap:40 40 Computer Lab Yes
344 Evans Stat-Class-344 Cap:40 40 Classroom Yes
368 Evans Stat-Lib-368 Betty Scott Cap:3 3 Library No
422 Evans Stat-Conf-422 Cap:10 10 Conference room Yes
443 Evans Stat-Conf-443 Cap:15 15 Conference room No
1011 Evans Stat-Conf-1011 Jerzy Neyman Cap:36 36 Conference room Yes


Rooms cannot be booked from these links. However, viewing room calendars can be useful when choosing a time slot for your event if you have a particular meeting room in mind.

Please note: There is a bug in bCal that occasionally results in the calendars linked above to appear blank, as if there are no events. If this happens for you, follow the steps on the next tab to subscribe to the room calendars in order to view their availability before reserving a room.

Subscribe to the Room Calendars

It might be a good idea to subscribe to all the statistics room calendars if you frequently make reservations.

At first, your bCal calendar will be suddenly overwhelmed. However, you can make calendars you do not use very often "disappear" when you don't need them: in bCal (i.e using the web interface), by clicking once on a calendar you switch its color to white and effectively do not see it on your calendar.

When you need to make a reservation, simply click once again on a calendar of interest to which you are subscribed. You'll immediately see the state of the room. Then simply follow the instructions above to make a reservation.

You can subscribe to a room calendar by following these simple steps:

  1. Log into your bCal account.
  2. Click the "+" button to the right of "Other Calendars" and choose "Browse resources". Add other calendars screenshot
  3. Scroll down down the page to find "Stat" and click on that. A list of room calendars will appear with the option to either preview or subscribe.
  4. Click the checkbox button for each room calendars you are interested in.
  5. The calendar(s) will now appear in the "Other Calendars" listing on the lower left-hand side of the main Google Calendar screen.

Reserve Rooms

  1. Log into your bCal account.
  2. On your own calendar, click the day you'd like to schedule the event.
  3. Fill out the Event field and on the label "Add rooms or location", click "rooms".
  4. Start typing “Stat” and the list of rooms will start showing only relevant rooms. Alternatively, copy and past the bCal name of the room you wish to reserve. See the "Room Calendars" tab above for the name of the calandar for each room. It helps if the "Show only available" box is checked. (Finally, if you often have to reserve rooms, we suggest that you subscribe to the statistics room calendars.)
  5. Configure the rest of your event and click "Save". Your proposed event will appear on the room calendar. Unless you hear otherwise, the room is now booked for you. On rare occasions, a department event may take priority over a reservation you are trying to make, in which case the staff will contact you and try to find another room.
  6. Conference Rooms (422, 443, and 1011 Evans) and the Betty Scott Library (368 Evans) will require that a key from the Statistics Front Office which can be checked out during normal business hours M-F 9am-12pm and 1-4pm.