Booking Travel

Booking Travel


ConnexUC (formerly Connexxus) is the UC systemwide online travel portal used for arranging business-related travel for faculty, student field study, staff, and hosted guests.  The University has contracts with several major airline, hotel and car rental companies to provide discounts and other benefits to travelers. Use the UC travel web portal (ConnexUC) to access and take advantage of all of these programs.  Travel booked through ConnexUC is automatically registered with the UC Travel Insurance program.

Benefits of Using ConnexUC

  • Securely stores a full traveler profile that manages all preferences
    • Travelers should match the name shown under the ConnexUC 'My Profile' to the government issued ID's for airport security
  • Allows you to make travel arrangements either online or through an agent by phone
  • Searches full airfare inventory, using a well-established, fully tested search engine
  • Highlights and allows you to take advantage of all UC-negotiated discounts
  • Automates Business and Travel Accident Insurance coverage at no cost for employees and students
  • Has built-in reminders about compliance with UC travel policy
  • Supports the Direct Bill process to charge airfare directly to the university

Please refer to the UCOP Central Travel Management website for additional benefits and information.

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Before the Trip

ConnexUC provides several options for making travel arrangements.

  • If you’re mixing personal and business travel, you can’t directly charge the cost of your flight to the university but you can still book through Connexxus to get the best rates.
  • If travel reservations are made by an agency outside Connexxus Travel, then trip registration is required for university-related trips out of state and to foreign countries, regardless of CDC or State Department level. This will ensure travelers have access to travel insurance and other UC risk management services and benefits. Contact with questions.
  • Before going to ConnexUC to book you travel, you must create a Direct Bill ID#, See below on how to create one.

Direct Bill

Using Direct Bill to Charge Business-Related Airfare to the University

If your trip is 100% business (no personal days), you should have your flight (only) billed directly to your funds.

During the Trip

Keep track of your business-related expenses. Keep all of your receipts. A reminder that each university traveler should pay for his/her own expenses and submit an individual reimbursement request.  Travel Reimbursement Forms are found in the Reimbursements page > Resources > Forms Tab.

After the Trip

After every University paid business or research trip, a record of the expenses must be submitted. Per policy, the expense report must be submitted within 45 days after returning from the trip. An expense report is required, even if no reimbursement is due to the traveler.

Review our Reimbursement page for details about how to submit an expense report, request reimbursement, and track the status of your reimbursement.

Contact Keyla Gomez for more information.