Proposals and Post-award Support

Proposals and Post-award Support

All aspects of research administration are currently provided by ERSO, the service region of Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) that partners with Statistics.

One of ERSO’s primary goals is to deliver optimal grant and contract management including the full range of research administration activities: proposal development, financial management, and award close-outs. Research administration team members work directly with faculty throughout all phases of a project and interface with both university central offices and ERSO business services to support the Research Enterprise.

All services are provided by your assigned Research Administrator. Services provided to PIs who have an assigned ERSO RA will span the full life-cycle of an award.

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Having a single RA manage a PI’s portfolio from cradle-to-grave allows the PI and RA to build a relationship and shared understanding of the PI’s research funding portfolio and program requirements in accordance with UC Berkeley and the funding agency’s policies.

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Start the process by sending the RFP to your ERSO Research Administrator. 

Please review the ERSO proposal timeline to make sure you plan enough time to meet the sponsor's deadline. 

Overview of pre-award services

Pre-award forms and other resources

Administrative support and facilities statement text suitable for proposals

Post-award Fund Administration

Post-award fund administration is also handled by your ERSO Research Administrator.

Overview of post-award services

Post-award resources

Financial Reports are uploaded to the ERSO Intranet on a monthly basis to the Finance Tab under the Financial Reports subsection. If you need assistance in using the Intranet, please contact Intranet

You can also lookup your current awards and the corresponding chartstrings on the ERSO intranet. Chartstrings are required to purchase items or hire students and other employees using your funds. 

PI Portfolio in CalAnswers is another way faculty members/Principal Investigators (PIs) can get a quick yet comprehensive overview of all the financial data related to their faculty-managed funds. 

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