Contracts and Grants

Contracts and Grants

Proposals and Post-award Support

All aspects of research administration, from proposal preparation and submission to post-award management, is currently provided by ChaMPS, the service region of Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) that partners with Statistics.

Submitting Proposals

PIs and Researchers send proposal notifications to the ChaMPS Pre-Award Research Administration (RA) team through an intake form. Within two business days, a Pre-Award RA will follow up with the PI/Researcher.

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Proposal FAQs

Managing Awards

ChaMPS Post-Award Research Administration provides fund management support to PIs and Researchers, as well as staff who interact with PI/Researchers, for the management of contracts and grants awards and non-sponsored funds.

The fund management process includes:

  • Review and interpretation of contract and grant terms and conditions and University policies and procedures,
  • Award budget set-up
  • Transactional support
  • No-cost extensions
  • Award closeouts

Learn more about all of the post-award support that ChaMPS provides

Post-award FAQs

UC Berkeley uses PI Portfolio in CalAnswers to provide faculty members/Principal Investigators (PIs) with a quick yet comprehensive overview of all the financial data related to their faculty-managed funds. It allows them to view fund balances, projections and expenses, and drill down to more detailed analysis, by clicking on any fund on the Portfolio page and then using the tabs at the top to navigate.

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This is also where faculty and PIs can find their chartstring information. Chartstrings are required to purchase items or hire students and other employees using your funds. 

How to Find Chartstrings in PI Portfolio