Master of Arts in Statistics

Master of Arts in Statistics

Cohort and Community

The M.A. Statistics program understands that the journey through graduate studies is one that is enriched by the shared experiences of its students. We strive to ensure that every student feels a sense of belonging and has access to the resources and support they need to thrive academically and professionally. Our program also extends beyond the classroom, encouraging students to engage in community-building activities such as networking events, professional development opportunities, and social gatherings. These initiatives are designed to foster relationships that last well beyond graduation, building a strong, interconnected network of professionals in the field of statistics.

What is a "Cohort"? How Does This Benefit Graduate M.A. Students?

In the M.A. Statistics program, a "cohort" represents a cohesive group of students sharing common interests and objectives as they navigate through their educational journey together. The cohort system is pivotal for students' success as it cultivates profound personal and professional relationships. By uniting individuals with aligned aspirations, the cohort fosters a supportive community and collaborative atmosphere, enhancing both comfort and fellowship among peers. This environment not only fosters a sense of belonging but also facilitates the development of robust professional networks. Through shared experiences and mutual support, students forge enduring bonds that not only enrich their academic endeavors but also extend beyond the program, offering invaluable opportunities for career advancement and lifelong connections. Thus, the cohort system is instrumental in fostering a conducive environment for academic growth, personal development, and long-term success in the field of statistics.

What We Do

In the Department of Statistics and within our M.A. Statistics program, we host a diverse array of events aimed at fostering our vibrant community. These gatherings encompass weekly informal meetups with faculty, staff, and graduate students, as well as larger monthly assemblies. Additionally, we organize events designed to cultivate camaraderie among M.A. cohort members and alumni gatherings to sustain our strong community ties. Central to our mission is providing students opportunities to balance coursework with peer interactions. Below are highlights from some of our previous events:

M.A. Statistics at Oakland Athletics

Fall 2023 Cohort Building Event - Cal Night Oakland Athletics

M.A Statistics at the California Academy of Sciences

Spring 2024 Alumni/Student Networking - California Academy of Sciences

M.A. Statistics at SF Giants

Spring 2023 Alumni/Student Networking - Cal Night S.F. Giants

BSTARS 2024 Audience

BSTARS 2024 - Bringing Berkeley Statistics community and industry partners together.

Student Spotlights

Ahmed Eldeeb, M.A. Statistics, 2024

Austin Tao, M.A. Statistics, 2024



Isabel Moreno, M.A. Statistics, 2024



Class Profile 

MA Statistics Class Profile Image 2025

Class Size





64% Male

32% Female

2% Nonbinary

2% Decline to State

Geographic Representation

35% North America

31% Domestic

55% Asia

6% Europe

Top Countries Represented


United States



South Korea

Most Common Undergraduate Majors



Applied Mathematics


Computer Science

Data Science

Most Common Undergraduate Institutions

UC Berkeley


UC Davis

University of Toronto

Stony Brook University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Zhejiang University