Select Statistics courses have group tutors as a part of their instructional staff. The Student Learning Center also offers academic support services, including free drop-in tutoring, study groups, and adjunct courses for select statistics courses.

Spring 2024

The graduate students listed below offer tutoring services to Cal students and the community. They are graduate students in the Statistics Department but their tutoring services are not funded by the University nor sponsored by the Department. We list them here as a service to students and the community. They work on a fee for service basis and their rates may vary. For assistance with research projects, please refer to the consulting service.

Name                 Email Courses
Mriganka Basu Roy Chowdhury mriganka_brc@berkeley.edu Data C88S (formerly Stat 88), Stat 134
Matthew Dworkin matthew.dworkin@berkeley.edu Stat 2, Data 8, Data 100, Stat 134
Eleanor Kim eleanor.kim701@berkeley.edu Stat 2, Stat 20, Stat 134
Fangyuan Li fangyuan_li@berkeley.edu Stat 33A, Stat 150, Stat 151A
Grayson Meckfessel graysonmeckfessel@berkeley.edu             Stat 2, Stat 20, Stat 134, Stat 135                  
Daniel Raban danielraban@berkeley.edu Data C88S (formerly Stat 88), Stat 134, and Stat 155
Zachary Rewolinski zachrewolinski@berkeley.edu Stat 2, Stat C8, Stat 20, Stat 33 A/B, Stat 135
Julia Verdickt jverdickt2023@berkeley.edu Stat 2, Stat 20, Stat 33B, Stat 134

If a course isn't listed here, feel free to contact tutors covering courses that are similar to the one of interest.