Upper Division Requirements: Core and 3 Electives

Upper Division Requirements: Core and 3 Electives

Upper Division Core Courses


UC Berkeley Course


Concepts in Computing with Data

Stat 133

Data/Stat/Compsci C100 (Principles & Techniques of Data Science) + Stat 33B (Introduction to Advanced Programming in R)

Concepts of Probability

Stat 134

Data/Stat C140 (Probability for Data Science)

Concepts of Statistics

Stat 135



Upper Division Elective Courses

Statistics majors must choose three Statistics electives from the list below, with at least one being a lab.


Course Name

Data/Stat C102 (lab)

Data, Inference, and Decisions

Stat 150

Stochastic Processes

Stat 151a (lab)

Linear Modeling: Theory and Applications

Stat 152 (lab)

Sampling Surveys

Stat 153 (lab)

Introduction to Time Series

Stat 154 (lab)

Modern Statistical Prediction and Machine Learning

Stat 155

Game Theory

Stat 156 (lab)

Causal Inference

Stat 157

Seminar on Topics in Probability and Statistics

Stat 158 (lab)

Experimental Design

Stat 159 (lab)

Reproducible and Collaborative Statistical Data Science

Stat 165*


*Students who took Stat 157 on Forecasting will not receive credit for Stat 165 as it is the same course as the one piloted as Stat 157 (Special Topics in Probability and Statistics) in Spring 2022 and Spring 2023.

Can I use graduate courses to satisfy upper division Statistics requirements?

Yes, you may take graduate courses in statistics to satisfy your upper division requirements with Head Undergraduate Faculty Advisor approval. The Undergraduate Faculty Advisor should be contacted to confirm that your graduate course selections are appropriate. Taking any graduate course also requires the consent of the instructor to ensure that you have adequate preparation. Stat 200A-B, 201A-B, 278B, and other seminar courses may not be substituted for 15x-level courses. Graduate courses are not recommended for students who have yet to attempt upper division courses nor for those who have not excelled in upper division courses.

With the instructor's consent and approval from Undergraduate Faculty Advisor:

200A, C205A or C205B may be substituted for 134 200B, 210A or 210B may be substituted for 135


Note that Stat 201A-B is not listed because it is generally restricted to Statistics MA students and is not recommended for undergraduates.

  • 204, C206A or C206B may be substituted for 150
  • 230A or 215A may be substituted for 151A
  • 232 may be substituted for 152 or 158
  • C239A (cross-listed with Pol Sci C236A) may be used in lieu of 157
  • 240 may be used in lieu of 157
  • C241A or C241B may be substituted for 154
  • 243 or 244 may be substituted for 133
  • C245A, B, C, E, or F may be substituted for 151B
  • 248 may be substituted for 153
  • 251 may be used in lieu of 157
  • C261 may be used in lieu of 157
How many courses can I take elsewhere to substitute for Statistics major requirements?

Statistics majors can substitute up to 3 upper division courses, with at most 2 fulfilling Statistics upper division courses (Stat 133, 134, 135, and the 15x-level electives). In other words, you may not satisfy more than 2 Statistics courses but you could satisfy all 3 applied cluster courses through transfer coursework. Prior approval must be granted by the Head Undergraduate Faculty Advisor.

Can I take more than one Stat 157?

Yes, it is possible to take more than one Stat 157 and earn credit for the courses as long as the topics are different. Stat 157 does not have a Lab so students must still take a Statistics elective designated as a Lab course.