Statistics at UC Berkeley

Zbigniew J. Jurek, University of Wroclaw
Aug 28, 2019 3:10pm 1011 Evans Hall
In the 1980's, the Lévy class L of self-decomposable distributions was characterized as distributions of some special random integrals. That led to more general theory applied to other classes of distributions. Random integral mappings (some type of functionals of Lévy processes) are continuous homomorphisms between convolution sub-semigroups of ID (the semigroup of all infinitely...
Wenpin Tang, Berkeley IEOR
Sep 4, 2019 3:10pm 1011 Evans Hall
Sampling Gibbs measures at low temperature is a very important task but computationally very challenging. Numeric evidence suggest that the infinite-swapping algorithm (isa) is a promising method. The isa can be seen as an improvement of replica methods which are very popular. We rigorously analyze the ergodic properties of the isa in the low temperature regime deducing Eyring-Kramers formulas...

Statistics at UC Berkeley: We are a community engaged in research and education in probability and statistics. In addition to developing fundamental theory and methodology, we are actively involved in statistical problems that arise in such diverse fields as molecular biology, geophysics, astronomy, AIDS research, neurophysiology, sociology, political science, education, demography, and the U.S. Census. We have forged strong interdisciplinary links with other departments and areas of study, particularly biostatistics, mathematics, computer science, and biology, and actively seek to recruit graduate students and faculty who can help to build and maintain such links. We also offer a statistical consulting service each semester.