About the Department of Statistics

In 1938 Jerzy Neyman, one of the intellectual giants of the twentieth century, established at Berkeley one of the first centers in the country for statistical research. Since its inception, graduates and faculty of Berkeley have shaped the foundations of statistics. Past faculty include such luminaries as David Blackwell, Leo Breiman, David Freedman, Lucien Le Cam, and Erich Lehmann. We currently have over 30 active research faculty in the department, four of whom are members of the National Academy of Sciences.

The department is consistently ranked as one of the two premier graduate programs in statistics nationally. The department has an undergraduate, a master's, and a PhD program, with about 250 BAs, 40 MAs and 8 PhDs awarded each year. 

Departmental research interests are wide-ranging, with eighteen of our faculty holding joint positions in other departments such as Biostatistics, Demography, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Integrative Biology, and Mathematics.  Faculty members are frequently involved with research collaborations throughout campus, from small designed studies to large-scale data analysis projects, including ENCODE, the Cancer Genome Atlas Project, and the Cyber Discovery Initiative (CDI). Many faculty are also actively engaged in consulting with outside industries, as well as serving as experts for legal proceedings and policy makers. 

Prominent areas of research interest in the department include:

Bayesian Inference
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Causal and graphical models
Financial Modeling
High dimensional data
Information Theory
Machine learning
Probability Theory
Time Series and Survival Analysis

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