422 Evans

422 Evans

Setting up the Television

You can turn on the TV by pressing the large red power button on the remote. There are three ways of displaying content from your computer to the TV: using a VGA cable, using an HDMI cable, and wireless via Chromecast. The two cables are coiled at the front of the room behind the cabinet. Choose whichever cable can connect to your laptop with or without a video dongle. Press the Input button on the remote, then use the arrows to select either VGA Cable, HDMI Cable, or Chromecast.

There are controls on the wall by the podium to lower or raise the projector screen.


If you are using a Mac and the TV complains about the resolution, you may need to tell your Mac to adjust the display size it is sending to the TV. One strategy of doing this is through System Preferences > Display and unchecking Mirror Display. If this does not address the issue, click Gather Windows, then select the SHARP LCD window and adjust the resolution. Its best guess might be sufficient, otherwise select 1920x1080 if available.