The SCF periodically offers in-person workshops and also provides online self-study tutorials on topics related to statistical computing. A quick reference list is provided here.

Training Topic Last Updated
Tutorial Basics of UNIX January 2019
Tutorial Introduction to LaTeX August 2015
Tutorial Dynamic documents with code chunks November 2019
Tutorial Introduction to git and Github August 2017
Tutorial Using the bash shell September 2019
Tutorial String processing in R and Python September 2018
Tutorial Flexible parallel processing using Dask in Python and future in R April 2020
Tutorial Working with large datasets in SQL, R, and Python January 2020
Tutorial Using make for workflows August 2015
Tutorial Writing efficient R code September 2020
Tutorial Debugging in R September 2018
Tutorial Basic parallel processing in R, Python, Matlab, and C April 2018
Tutorial Distributed parallel processing in R, Python, Matlab, and C September 2017
Workshop Introduction to SQL and databases January 2018
Workshop Introduction to R August 2018
Workshop Introduction to Python August 2018
Workshop Introduction to the Savio campus cluster (for biostat) March 2016
Workshop Using Spark November 2014
Workshop Parallel computing November 2016
Workshop GPU computation February 2016
Workshop C++ and creating R packages May 2013
Tutorial Computing in the cloud March 2014