Computing Accounts

Computing Accounts

SCF account holders have access to computing resources, such as a network of compute servers, workstations, and laboratory desktops equipped with R, Python, Matlab, and other development environments. Please read the Statistical Computing Facility (SCF) account policies below and the descriptions of the various account types before submitting your request.

Once you have an account, please see our information for new users.


Individuals who are issued accounts are responsible for all of its activity and must not allow anyone else to access it. Files under this account are not personal property; as such, the SCF reserves the right to review, modify, or delete any file or terminate any activity that may interfere with the operations or security of the facility. All files including email may be automatically deleted when the the account is closed.

The use of SCF computing resources requires compliance with the Berkeley Campus Computer Use Policy and the University of California Electronic Communications Policy (ECP).

These accounts are a privilege and as such can be revoked if misused. All questions should be addressed to the Systems Manager of the Statistical Computing Facility in room 499 Evans Hall, 643-7407.

Account Types


Faculty accounts are issued to official faculty members of the department.


Student accounts are issued only to students who are currently registered with UC Berkeley, and are subject to approval. All Statistics Department graduate students may be issued an account. Department undergrads, or non-departmental graduate and undergraduate student must be working with a faculty member to obtain an account. The student account request form link is at the end of this page.


If a course requires computer access, class accounts are typically issued to individual students by the instructor or GSI. These accounts are issued in bulk to the instructor or GSI. Course instructors should request (Google Form) class accounts a couple of weeks before the term begins. Students in smaller courses may request an account directly.


Visitor accounts are issued to individuals who have been granted official visitor status as an "associate researcher" while visiting the UC Berkeley Department of Statistics. Visitor accounts are issued for the duration of their stay while on campus.


Research accounts are issued to individuals who are officially associated with UC Berkeley or who are associated with a faculty member or research/lecture member of the Department. Those individuals working within the UC system on specific research projects which are funded by grants and/or outside funds in support of research for which this account is intended, agree to compensate SCF for the resources consumed according to established SCF rate structures.


Postdocs accounts can be issued to those who have a formal affiliation with the department. The postdoc's sponsoring faculty can establish the affiliation by making the request of and paying a small campus fee.


Project accounts are created to facilitate shared workspaces where multiple people can read and write to shared data or code. They exist to avoid problems introduced when relaxing filesystem permissions on one's own account. Please contact if you would like to create a project account. Let us know which local accounts need access and suggest a project account name.

Account Closure

Accounts issued to students, alumni, and visitors that are due for termination will be closed on January 1 and July 1 of each year. Accounts belonging to currently registered Statistics graduate students will remain open beyond that date. Individuals having other accounts must apply for an extension. No extensions are granted for class accounts.

Alumni accounts are issued upon request to individuals who have left the Department in good standing and are valid for one year after separation from the Department. Alumni accounts cannot be renewed.

Faculty, visitor (associate research fellows), and postdoc accounts expire upon termination of their appointments.

Class accounts will be removed after 3 p.m. of the first Monday after final exams of the semester for which they were assigned. Be sure to make any arrangements for permanent or backup storage of your class account files before the accounts are closed. There will be a $20 fee (plus the cost of media) for recovering files from accounts that have been closed. Upon request, mail messages can be forwarded to another account for up to 60 days after an account has been closed. (This does not apply to class accounts.)

Account Request Form

If you have a CalNet ID, complete our account request form.

If you do not have a CalNet ID, please have your sponsor create a Sponsored CalNet Guest account for you. Visit the Cirrus Identity site to get started. Once that is complete you can fill out the account request form.