To Access the most recent Calendars, please login to UCPath > Quicklinks (on the Left hand side) > Payroll Resources.

Login to UCPath, then to the Direct Deposit page.

  1. Click Edit. Update your Banking Information or Deposit Information, as necessary. Click Save.
  2. Click Save And Continue. Then, check the Authorization box.
  3. Select Submit Changes and click OK

You can add/update your direct deposit only once per day. This means you can click the Submit Changes button only once per day. Make all direct deposit changes, deletions and additions before you save.

To get a copy of your UCPath paycheck stub, go to the UCPath View Paycheck page.

  • Locate the paycheck by date range or check number.
  • Select the Download Attachment button to view check details.
  • For step-by-step instructions or simulation, refer to the UCPath Help site Review My Online Paystub page. Please select See It, Try It, or Print It.

To get copies of paycheck stubs prior to your location migration to UCPath, please visit AYSO or contact your location Payroll Administrator.

CalTime Login

CalTime sends automatic email reminders at the end of every pay period when your timesheets are due!

Hourly Employees

Different Methods of Recording Time:

  • "Anytime" employee: You are able to enter your time anytime through the pay period.
  • "RealTime'' employee: You must record start and stop at the beginning and end of shifts. If you are a Readers or Tutors who also has a Student Assistant job this is most likely how you will report time.
  • “Friendly Name”: If you have multiple jobs, this is used to track your time to the correct job. A brief description typically composed of department ID, job code, and job record number. Each job has a friendly name assigned so that your hours worked can be reported to the correct job and pay rate.

Monthly Employees

Monthly employee are exempt and report only their leave taken, and are not eligible for overtime. They are responsible for entering leave taken each month in CalTime and approving their timecard by the monthly deadline, whether they have taken any leave or not. In general, exempt employees are paid a monthly salary.

Hours Missing From Your Paycheck?

For hours worked before you gain access to CalTime, or if you forgot to log hours or vacation/sick time for a certain pay period, etc.

  1. Fill out a paper timesheet: 2021 Biweekly Substitute Timesheet or Exempt Substitute Caltime Leave Reporting Timesheet *Employee and Supervisor signatures are required
  2. Email completed timesheets to, and Cc the HR Coordinator,

Supervising Hourly or Monthly Employees?

To access and view your Supervisees:

  1. Login to CalTime
  2. Select the Biweekly or Monthly Pay Period Approval genie
  3. Correct any timecard errors via the Exception Errors page
  4. Verify any time and leave recorded is accurate and approve your employee’s timecards.

To assign a Delegate Timecard Approver for supervisees, email the HR Coordinator:

  • The name of the Delegate Timecard Approver that needs access
  • The name(s) of the employee(s) you would the the Delegate Timecard Approver to access
  • The title(s) of the employee(s) you would like the Delegate Timecard Approver to access

Having Issues Logging Into or Accessing CalTime?

Your CalTime login is your CalNet ID.

Email CalTime, which will automatically open a IT Ticket. Feel free to Cc the HR Coordinator, Alternatively call CalTime at (510) 664-9000 (Press option 1).