Statistical Computing Facility

The Statistical Computing Facility (SCF) is a unit of the academic Department of Statistics, formally organized in 1986. We provide computing, networking, and information resources to the community of students, faculty, and staff of the Statistics Department and the Econometrics Laboratory of the Department of Economics in support of the University's mission of teaching, research, and public service. It is staffed by a Systems Manager, a Statistical Computing Consultant, and UNIX System Administrator.

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  • Get a Computing Account for the SCF

    SCF accounts are used to grant access to the laboratory computers in Evans 342, Evans 432, and the computer in the printing room (Evans 365).  They also used to grant access to the SCF computing cluster, compute servers, and departmental file server.  Please click on the link above if you require an SCF account and fill out the requested information.

  • Wireless Network Access

    UC Berkeley offers a variety of Wi-Fi network access services.  AirBears2 does not require you to enter your CalNet credentials every time but you must acquire an access key at the UC Berkeley Identity Site.  EduRoam is a Cross-institution Wi-Fi access service, for more information see

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