What services are provided for self-maintained computers?

What services are provided for self-maintained computers?


Users can directly read from and write to their UNIX home directories and web areas. This service is provided by Samba and may require that the user have the same account name on their computer as they do on the SCF.


Access to the internet is available either by a wired connection through the department network or by a wireless connection to campus. Personal computers can only be connected to the network using an SCF provided purple cable. You will first need to register the MAC address of your computer with the SCF in order to get DHCP service (refer to help laptop for details). If you do not have a purple cable in your office, contact the SCF staff to install a purple cable for use with your computer. If you have a CalNet ID and a wireless network card, you can get internet access using the eduroam wireless network service. eduroam service is available to all offices within the Department of Statistics.


The SCF will provide information and recommendations on how to resolve problems and give advice on the administration of computers. This information will be provided to the best of our ability and is limited to information that we have at hand.