Host a Visitor

Host a Visitor


Visitors are a vibrant part of our community. Faculty who would like to host a visitor must submit a visitor request application. The department considers someone a visitor if they are here for any business purpose and for any duration from weeks to months to years, with the exception of invited speakers for our seminar series who are here for one week or less.  Please note, if a UC Berkeley sponsored visa is required appointments cannot be less than 30 days.

To ensure the department has enough space to host visitors we require all faculty to submit the application on the following schedule. Applications received directly from potential visitors will not be accepted. Applications for visitor appointments that are received late are not guaranteed so we ask faculty not to invite visitors/tell visitors to hold off booking travel until they receive confirmation from the department.

Application Deadline* Semester
February 15th  Fall
July 15th Spring
November 15th Summer

*Applications received after the deadline will be processed on a first-come first-served basis.

Visitor applications will be reviewed in order of submission. The six-month lead time allows for campus appointment processing and State Department processing time (e.g., visas), as well as departmental planning of space. Once office space has been filled, no additional visitors will be accepted unless space is not required.

Download Application Here

Completed applications and the visitor's CV should be emailed to the HR Coordinator.

Requirements and Fees

Department Privileges

Post-docs and Visiting titles will be listed on the department website and mailing lists and will be assigned a mailbox. They will have access to department seminars and other events. Space is not guaranteed but access to the department lounge is available for Postdocs and Visitor titles. To help the department with administrative expenses, the department charges a fee for visiting titles only.

Campus Privileges

The University charges a fee for all Visitor titles. The University fee provides access to campus resources such as the library, Cal 1 Card, bConnected suite (including Berkeley email), and wireless network.

Campus Insurance

All visiting and postdoctoral scholars are required to have medical coverage. Coverage cost is by age. Postdoctoral scholars receive benefits information in appointment letters from Berkeley Regional Services, HR Staff.

Department Fees by Visitor Type

Visiting Scholar & Visiting Student Researcher

A Visiting Scholar is person on leave from an academic appointment or other employment, at a home institution or other entity, with PhD or Equivalent.

A Visiting Student Researcher is person on leave from their student enrollment and is currently enrolled in a degree-granting program and working to obtain a degree at an institution of higher learning other than UCB, with a Bachelor's degree or Equivalent, Minimum.

University Fee: 

  • 1st Year $750
  • 2nd Year $1,500

Department Fee:

  • First month - $500
  • Per Month - $200 
  • Summer Semester - $700 
  • Fall/Spring - $1,300
  • Per Year - $2,700 

International Office Visa Processing Fee (if applicable): 

  • J-1 Visa - $650
  • J1-Student Visa - $1,000
  • H-1B Visa - $2,000 - $2,500 (must be covered by host)
  • Shipping - Up to $50
Postdoctoral Scholar

A Postdoctoral Scholar is a temporary position, allowing individuals a unique opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of a faculty member, they are supported by campus research grants, contracts, fellowships, and external sources.

International Office Visa Processing Fee (if applicable): 

  • J-1 Visa - $650
  • J1-Student Visa - $1,000
  • H-1B Visa - $2,000 - $2,500 (must be covered by host)
  • Shipping - Up to $50 

If you have a person who does not qualify for any of the above titles, please email the HR Coordinator for information on different options such as Contingent Worker (eg Intern, Volunteer, Affiliate), Unpaid Student Facilitators, etc.