Non-Parametric Inference

Non-Parametric Inference

Nonparametric inference refers to statistical techniques that use data to infer unknown quantities of interest while making as few assumptions as possible. Typically, this involves working with large and flexible infinite-dimensional statistical models. The flexibility and adaptivity provided by nonparametric techniques is especially valuable in modern statistical problems of the current era of massive and complex datasets. 

Berkeley statistics faculty work on many aspects of nonparametric inference. Current research interests include nonparametric hypothesis testing based on ranks and permutations, nonparametric regression, classification and density estimation under smoothness and shape constraints, high-dimensional nonparametric inference, theoretical analysis of nonparametric procedures and applications to biological research. Berkeley statistics is also a major center for the study of Bayesian methods for nonparametric inference and their applications to various areas in machine learning. 


Photo of Peter Bickel

statistics, machine learning, semiparametric models, asymptotic theory, hidden Markov models, applications to molecular biology

Peng Ding

causal inference in experiments and observational studies, with applications to biomedical and social sciences;

contaminated data including missing data, measurement error, and selection bias

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statistics, applied statistics, data science, statistical computing, computational biology and genomics

Aditya Guntuboyina

nonparametric and high-dimensional statistics, shape constrained statistical estimation, empirical processes, statistical information theory

Jiantao Jiao

artificial intelligence, control and intelligent systems and robotics, communications and networking

Michael Jordan

computer science, artificial intelligence, computational biology, statistics, machine learning, electrical engineering, applied statistics, optimization

Jon McAuliffe

machine learning, statistical prediction, variational inference, statistical computing, optimization

Song Mei

data science, statistics, machine learning

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uncertainty quantification and inference, inverse problems, nonparametrics, risk assessment, earthquake prediction, election auditing, geomagnetism, cosmology, litigation, food/nutrition

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high-dimensional statistics, nonparametric estimation, distribution-free inference, machine learning, convex optimization, numerical methods, tracking and forecasting epidemics

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Mathematical Statistics, Applied Probability, and Statistical Learning Theory