Minor Required Courses

Minor Required Courses

Lower Division Requirements

Requirement UC Berkeley Course Alternatives
Calculus I Math 1a Equivalent Advanced Placement, IB, A-Levels per Math Department; or equivalent CA Community College course work per Assist.org, or equivalent.
Calculus II Math 1b
Multivariable Calculus Math 53
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations Math 54


Upper Division Requirements

Statistics Core Courses

Requirement UC Berkeley Course Alternative
Concepts of Probability Stat 134 Data/Stat C140* (Probability for Data Science)
Concepts of Statistics Stat 135  

*Prerequisites are enforced for Data/Stat C140 (Probability for Data Science); see the course website for details. Due to overlap of course content, students will only receive credit for either Stat 134 or Data/Stat C140.

Statistics Electives

Statistics minors must choose three of the elective courses below, with at least one being a laboratory course.

Course Course Name
Data/Stat C102 (lab) Data, Inference, and Decisions
Stat 150 Stochastic Processes
Stat 151a (lab) Linear Modeling: Theory and Applications
Stat 152 (lab) Sampling Surveys
Stat 153 (lab) Introduction to Time Series
Stat 154 (lab) Modern Statistical Prediction and Machine Learning
Stat 155 Game Theory
Stat 156 (lab) Causal Inference
Stat 157 Seminar on Topics in Probability and Statistics
Stat 158 (lab) The Design and Analysis of Experiments
Stat 159 (lab) Reproducible and Collaborative Statistical Data Science