Administrative Support & Facilities Statement

Administrative Support & Facilities Statement

The following text is suitable for direct use or modification for administrative support/facilities statements in grant proposals.

Long version

Computing Facilities

As a member of the Department of Statistics, the PI has unlimited access to the computing services of the Statistical Computing Facility. The Statistical Computing Facility (SCF) is a unit of the Department of Statistics of UC Berkeley and provides computing, networking, and information resources to students, faculty, and staff in the Statistics Department. The SCF is staffed by a Director of Computing, a Statistical Computing Consultant, and a UNIX System Administrator.

The SCF has a twelve-node cluster with approximately 600 CPU cores and 5.8 TB RAM, as well as a variety of GPU servers and additional large-memory, high-core-count CPU servers. There are 11 more individual Linux compute servers used for instruction and research. A 100 TB file server hosts user accounts and additional research data, and they are backed up by tape libraries and offsite storage. The user community has access to applications such R, Python, MATLAB, Julia, and Mathematica in addition to their supporting libraries, toolboxes, and packages. Other supported resources include standard compilers for C, C++, Fortran, and other languages; fast, threaded linear algebra libraries (openBLAS); support for parallel programming, including MPI and openMP; support for Shiny applications; an extensive JupyterHub interface for notebook and other interactive workflows; and other specialized computational software, which the SCF can install for users as needed.

As a UC Berkeley faculty member, the PI also has access to 300,000 compute cycles (CPU core-hours) per year through the Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) Institutional/Condo Cluster, with more available for purchase. The system consists of more than 600 compute nodes in various configurations to support a wide diversity of research applications, with a total of more than 15,000 cores and a peak performance of approximately 540 teraFLOPS per second (CPU) and 1 petaFLOPS per second (GPU), and offers approximately 6 Petabytes of high-speed parallel storage.

Administrative and Office Support

Full office facilities are available for PI, GSRs and post-doctoral fellows at UC Berkeley. The university provides financial services and personnel action support. Accounting, mail, fax, photocopying, and appointment of research assistants at UC Berkeley can be done through the staff of the Department of Statistics.

Short version

The Statistical Computing Facility (SCF) is managed within the Department of Statistics and provides computing, networking, and information resources to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and visitors in the Department of Statistics. The SCF is composed of centralized computers that provide services (computational, research, file, tape backup, network, directory, etc.) to a Linux cluster approximately 600 CPUs and various GPUs and additional stand-alone UNIX-based compute servers, workstations, and desktops. Centralized file system service currently provides approximately 100 TB of disk space.