342 Evans

342 Evans

Using the Computer in the Instructor Table with the Projector

There is a computer inside the instructor table at the front of the room and it is connected to the LCD monitor on the swivel arm. You can log in to as you would to any other SCF computer. To have the projector show the computer's display, turn on the projector and press the Computer button on the remote or press the Source button on the wall controls until the projector is set to Computer.

Most people prefer to have the projector show the same content as what is on the monitor. This is called Mirror mode. If you would prefer to have the computer's desktop extended on to the projector (as if it were a second monitor) rather than mirrored on to it, go to System Preferences > Display > Arrangement and uncheck Mirror Displays. This can be useful if you want to view notes on the monitor but not display them to students on the projector.

There are buttons behind the instructor table to raise or lower the projector screen.

Connect Your Computer to the Projector

Connect the HDMI cable extending out of the instructor table into your computer, then press the HDMI button on the remote.

On a Mac, you may need to go to System Preferences > Display and hold down the Option key. This should make a "Detect Displays" button appear in the lower right corner of the window. When you press it, that should get the computer to recognize the projector.