Connecting a computer to the wired network

Connecting a computer to the wired network

The campus manages the newer wired network connections on the 3rd and 4th floors of Evans Hall in addition to the eduroam and CalVisitor wireless networks. This article describes the steps necessary to connect your computer to the wired network. Please refer to the rules for accessing the network with a personal computer before proceeding.

  1. Determine your ethernet address
    Every computer's ethernet interface has a unique identifier assigned to it (akin to a serial number) made up of twelve hexadecimal numbers, 0 - f, e.g. 01:23:45:67:89:ab. This identifier is often called a MAC, ethernet, or hardware address, and must be registered with campus before you can connect. Determine your MAC address using either our instructions or campus'.

  2. Register your ethernet address with campus

    Log in to IST's SocReg site and follow their instructions.

  3. Configure your computer's network settings
    You should configure your computer's ethernet port to use DHCP. This is usually the default, or "Automatic", setting. If you haven't manually modified your laptop to work with a specific network, your default network settings should work in the department.

  4. Connect the wire
    Most rooms on Evans Hall 3rd and 4th floors should have purple colored network cables for you to use. If your room does not have one or does not have enough, please email us and specify the office room number. Make sure the purple cable is connected to the small white network box -- it is about the size of a deck of cards. The larger white network boxes are incompatible with this process. Please do not disconnect any SCF-managed computers from cables since faculty and students may be accessing the equipment remotely.


This information is provided for members of the Statistics Department. If you are in a residence hall or are in another unit, please consult your technical support staff there. 

Check that your purple cable is plugged into the small white networking boxes (the size of a deck of cards) on the wall rather than the larger white boxes. The small boxes are associated with cabling that was installed by campus during the summer of 2014. The above procedure will only work if your computer is connected via a purple cable to the small box.