Setting up a course website

Setting up a course website

The SCF can provide general support to an instructor for setting up a course website.

Specifically, in 2023-2024, the computing committee and SCF staff are piloting a project to support consistent course websites for department courses.

Some features of the project are:

  • Use of standard course URLs in the domain, set up by the SCF, e.g., and
  • Course landing pages, e.g, for Statistics 133, set up by the SCF.
  • Individual websites for each specific class (course offering), e.g., Statistics 133, Spring 2024 and Statistics 151A, Spring 2024.
  • Two templates that instructors can choose from, one based on Quarto and one based on MyST.
  • Instructors work in a Git repository hosted on GitHub (set up by the SCF) and can easily publish content to the course website, based on documentation provided by the SCF.

Please contact the SCF if you have questions or would like to set up a website for your Statistics or Data Science class.