Industry Alliance Program

Industry Alliance Program

The Berkeley Statistics Industry Alliance Program establishes strong connections with companies engaged in statistical research, data analysis, and machine learning. The program connects its industry members to state-of-the-art research and some of the top talent in statistics. The Statistics Department thrives on the exposure to the newest problems and values the exciting career opportunities our allies provide our students.

Become a Member

An annual donation to the Statistics Department provides membership. The minimum donation required is dependent on the company size (outlined below). Larger donations to secure membership for more than one year, or to establish a named fellowship are welcome. Donations are tax deductible. Please contact the Program Director if you are interested in joining the Industrial Alliance Program or have any questions.

Size of Company Annual Donation
More than 200 employees $15,000
51 - 200 employees $ 7,500
Less than 50 employees $2,500

 Benefits of Membership

Invitation to the Berkeley Statistics Annual Research Symposium (BSTARS)

This members-only conference surveys the latest research developments within the department. It consists of keynote lectures given by faculty members as well as presentations by PhD students. Members are invited to present at the conference and describe the statistical work underway at their companies. It is an excellent opportunity for alliance members to engage directly with our faculty and graduate students.

On-Campus Recruiting Events

Members can give informational sessions or tech talks within the department in order to meet students and present career and internship opportunities.

On-Campus Interviews or Office Hours

Members can reserve an office in Evans Hall for three days (or more pending approval). Conference rooms, classrooms, or lecture halls may also be reserved when available.

Jobs, Internships, and Event Announcements

Events, jobs, and other announcements are marketed to students and faculty through email, bulletin boards, and posters placed in high traffic areas. As an exclusive benefit, IAP members can have announcements posted on our Facebook and LinkedIn alumni pages.

Graduate Student Resumes

Access to an IAP members-only file of current Statistics and Biostatistics graduate-student resumes maintained by the department.

Seminar Invitations

Invitations to all our departmental seminars and a convenient subscription to seminar announcements.

Facilitation of Contact

Collaborations, visits, and contact with faculty/students can be facilitated by the department.

Master's Capstone Project

Members may propose data sets or research projects to be considered for inclusion in the MA capstone course (whether to include a particular data set or project is decided by the faculty member in charge of the course). Industry Allies also may attend end-of-year oral capstone presentations by MA students.

ASA Accreditation Contribution

Attendance at the BSTARS conference and departmental seminars contributes toward the professional development requirements of the ASA accreditation program, PSTAT.

Program Director Fernando Perez

Fernando Perez

In addition to being an Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics, I am a researcher at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS). My research interests, shaped over years of working on a number of applied problems in physics, mathematics and neuroscience, revolve around the question of building tools for computational research across all scientific domains. I created the IPython project while a graduate student in 2001, which has now evolved into the large and collaborative `Project Jupyter.`

You can contact the Program Director by email at: