Probability Seminar

The probability seminar is a weekly seminar featuring the latest research in pure and applied probability. Speakers include internationally renowned probabilists as well as probabilistic work from related disciplines including computer science and operations research. It also presents graduate students a friendly environment to present their research.

The seminar is held weekly in 1011 Evans on Wednesdays at 3pm, except when otherwise indicated.

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Upcoming Probability Seminars

Brett Kolesnik, UC Berkeley
Sep 26, 2018 3:00pm
1011 Evans Hall
The Brownian map is a random non-differentiable surface, homeomorphic to the sphere, which was first identified as a scaling limit of random planar maps (Le Gall 2011 and Miermont 2011). More recently its connections with quantum gravity were established (Miller and Sheffield 2016). In this talk we show that the cut locus of the Brownian map is continuous almost everywhere, and discuss other...
Santosh Vempala, Georgia Tech
Oct 3, 2018 3:00pm
1011 Evans Hall
The concentration of Lipschitz functions around their expectation is a classical topic that continues to be very active. We will discuss some recent progress, including: 1- A tight log-Sobolev inequality for isotropic logconcave densities 2- A unified and improved large deviation inequality for convex bodies 3- An extension of the above to Lipschitz functions (generalizing the Euclidean...