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What Do You Need Help With?

Use this triage advising form to help you navigate where to go and/or what to do. If you still require assistance, we can meet remotely via Remote Drop-In Advising or a Scheduled Appointment.



Join the Statistics Undergraduate Support Forum: Stat 001 Piazza

The purpose of the forum is to provide Berkeley students with convenient access to general information about undergraduate courses and programs offered by the Department of Statistics. Search, post and even answer questions: piazza.com/berkeley/other/stat001/home. Please read through the Forum Policies before using the site.

Meet with an Advisor

Remote Drop-In Advising Hours

Sign in (join the waiting list) during drop-in hours here. You will not be able to sign in if drop-in hours have not started or have already ended. Sign-ins may end early if the waiting list is already too long for advisors to see all waiting students.

You can also view the current waitlist to check your position or see how many other students are already waiting.

Drop-in Advising will take place remotely over Zoom until further notice. Students will be sent an invitation to join the meeting when they are next in line.

Scheduled Appointments

Current UC Berkeley students can book an appointment via CalCentral for the following reasons:

  • Degree Check
  • Probation/Dismissal
  • Undeclared Senior Hold
  • 2Yr/4Yr Program Planning - we ask that students interested in long-term Program Planning refer to the Sample Program Plans and draft a Program Plan before scheduling an appointment or signing up for drop-in advising.
  • Other/Reason Not Listed - this should be for complicated issues, not simple questions or requests. Students in this situation should book a 30-minute appointment.

These appointments take place over Google Hangouts/Meets by default. If you prefer a Zoom or phone meeting, please mention this when you book the appointment.

Click here for instructions on making an advising appointment via CalCentral. Note that if you are not a declared Statistics major, you will need to select Statistics from the dropdown menu for Advisor Type.

Advising Calendar

Whom to Contact - Faculty or Staff Advisor?

The Statistics Department has Faculty and Staff Advisors. You can best utilize your time and the advisors' time by first referring to the advisor who can best help you with your specific question or issue. Please read our website information and Frequently Asked Questions before contacting an advisor.

Faculty Advisors Staff Advisor Undergraduate Advising and Request Form
Field of statistics  General Academic Policies** Requesting approval for cluster course for the major

General Statistics course content and selection*

Major Declaration Process (see web page How to Declare first)** Requesting approval to use a course taken elsewhere for the major
Research  When you have completed major declaration paperwork and are ready to declare** Submitting a non-Statistics (for example, L&S) petition that requires a Stat Advisor signature.
Graduate school  Major completion checks and graduation**  
Career exploration  Academic Probation**  
Applied Cluster Approvals (when not explicitly on the Approved Cluster List) Enrollment Issues***


*For individual questions about the course content, policies, etc of a specific offering, contact the instructor or GSI/UGSI of the course concerned.
**Contact Stat Department Undergraduate Advisor during drop-in hours (see Advising Calendar) or email quick questions to stat-ugrad [at] berkeley [dot] edu
***Contact the Enrollment Coordinator during drop-in hours (see Advising Calendar) or email quick questions to stat-enrollments [at] berkeley [dot] edu

Advisor Contact Information and Advising Hours

      Statistics Major Advisors

  • Denise Yee, Undergraduate Staff & Enrollment Advisor 
    Refer to the Advising Calendar above for drop-ins and appointment times.
    -Appointments are booked through CalCentral
    -Only remote advising until further notice
  • Natalie Poulos, Undergraduate Staff & Enrollment Advisor
    Refer to the Advising Calendar above for drop-ins and appointment times.
    -Appointments are booked through CalCentral
    -Only remote advising until further notice

Quick advising questions? Students can reach Statistics Major Advisors by emailing stat-ugrad [at] berkeley [dot] edu.
Quick enrollment questions? Email stat-enrollments [at] berkeley [dot] edu (stat-enrollments [at] berkeley [dot] edu).

      Statistics Undergraduate Faculty Advisors

  • Prof. Will Fithian, HEAD Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
  • Prof. Yun Song, Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
  • Prof. Gaston Sanchez, Undergraduate Faculty Advisor

To contact the Faculty Advisors about cluster course approvals or transfer coursework you wish to use to satisfy a major requirement, please submit this form (https://goo.gl/wze4xP). Be sure to upload a course description and syllabus. You will receive a response within 1-2 weeks.

 NOTE: Although there are currently no Statistics Peer Advisors, posts on the Stat 001 Piazza Forum and students in the Statistics Undergraduate Student Association (SUSA) may be able to answer questions you have about Statistics courses or the undergraduate program.

Other Academic Advising and Support Resources