Statistics Major

Please see Learning Goals for an overview of the Statistics Major. The Statistics Major consists of 4 lower division math courses and 9 upper division courses. To satisfy the requirements of the major, all courses must be taken for a letter grade. A minimum 2.0 overall Grade Point Average is required in all 9 upper division major courses in order to be in good standing in the major. Students must complete all prerequisites prior to declaring.

Students are encouraged to join the Stat 001 Piazza for additional information.

Major Requirements

Approved Applied Cluster Courses
Teaching Emphasis
Sample Four-Year and Two-Year Program Plans
Frequently Asked Questions
How to Declare



1.  Students must earn a minimum 3.2 UC Grade Point Average* and no lower than a C in the following courses:

Math 1A Calculus (or the Summer version Math N1A)
Math 1B Calculus II (or the Summer version Math N1B)
Math 53 Multivariable Calculus (or the Summer version Math N53, or web-based version Math W53)
Math 54 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (or the Summer version Math N54)

*Math prerequisite GPA is based solely on math courses taken at UC Berkeley or other UC. Students who have taken ALL FOUR prerequisite courses at non-UC institutions, are still required to take at least one Math course at Berkeley to establish a UC GPA. Students may choose Math 54 (B+ required) or Math 110 (B required). Note: Effective Fall 2019, Math 1A and Math 1B cannot be taken after completing Math 53 and/or Math 54 at UCB to increase the math prerequisite GPA.

If you have completed any of the math prerequisites at a non-UC institution, please look at Frequently Asked Questions.

2.  Students must earn a minimum C grade in either Stat/CompSci/Info C8, Stat 20 or Stat 28 (effective for freshmen students entering UC Berkeley in Fall 2018 and transfer students entering in Fall 2020).

3.  Students must also earn a B- in either Stat 134 (or Stat 140*) or Stat 135, with no more than one course repeated between Stat 134 (or Stat 140) and Stat 135.

*Prerequisites are enforced for Stat 140 (Probability for Data Science); see the course website for details. Due to overlap of course content, students will only receive credit for either Stat 134 or Stat 140.  

Upper division Major Requirements:


Stat 133 Concepts in Computing with Data OR Stat/Compsci C100 (Data, Inference, and Decisions) + Stat 33B (Introduction to Advanced Programming in R)
Stat 134 Concepts of Probability OR Stat 140 Probability for Data Science (other non-Statistics UC Berkeley courses such as IEOR 172 cannot be used to fulfill this requirement)
Stat 135 Concepts of Statistics

3 STATISTICS ELECTIVES (at least one course must have a lab). Choose from:

Stat 102 (lab) Data, Inference, and Decisions 
Stat 150 Stochastic Processes
Stat 151A (lab) Linear Modeling: Theory and Applications
Stat 152 (lab) Sampling Surveys
Stat 153 (lab) Introduction to Time Series
Stat 154 (lab) Modern Statistical Prediction and Machine Learning
Stat 155 Game Theory
Stat 157 Seminar on Topics in Probability and Statistics
Stat 158 (lab) The Design and Analysis of Experiments
Stat 159 (lab) Reproducible and Collaborative Statistical Data Science

3 CLUSTER COURSES (at least 3 units)

Three upper division courses will be selected, in conjunction with advice from the undergraduate faculty advisor, from math or a field in which statistics is applied. Possible fields include CS, Demography, IEOR, Business Administration, Economics, and a combination of Business Administration and Economics. See APPROVED CLUSTER COURSES for a comprehensive list.

      TEACHING OPTION: Students interested in teaching statistics and mathematics in middle or high school should take the following courses:

      - All lower division courses required for the statistics major
      - Statistics 133Stat 133 Concepts in Computing with Data OR Stat/Compsci C100 (Data, Inference, and Decisions) + Stat 33B (Introduction to Advanced Programming in R)
      - Statistics 134 OR Statistics 140
      - Statistics 135
      - Two courses from Statistics 150, 151A, 151B, 152,153, 154 155, 157, or 158 including at least one course with a laboratory.
      - Four Math courses: Mathematics 110, Mathematics 113, Mathematics 151, and either Mathematics 152 or Mathematics 153 are required.

      If you are interested in teaching, consider the Cal Teach Program. You can even Minor in Math and Science Education!

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      Sample Four-Year and Two-Year Program Plans

      Click HERE to download sample academic plans to help you map out the Statistics major prerequisites and requirements. The sample Program Plans only include courses required for the Statistics major. A full-time course load in the College of Letters & Science is 13 units so you will have space each semester to round out your schedule with courses that can fulfill other requirements or simply satisfy your intellectual curiosity. You will need to account for all university and college degree requirements, including but not limited to: Reading & Composition, 7 Breadth, minimum 120 units, etc. See degree requirements on the College of Letters & Science website. Still have questions? Meet with a Statistics Undergraduate Faculty or Staff Advisor to develop a Program Plan that is both feasible and meets your needs. Consider studying abroad or engaging in undergraduate research.

      Frequently Asked Questions


      How to Declare:

      Students should submit an application in the semester they are completing their last prerequisite(s).  For applicants with prerequisites in progress, applications will be reviewed after the grades for all prerequisites are available (2-3 weeks after finals end). Applicants who have completed all prerequisites should schedule an appointment with the Staff Advisor during an upcoming application period.



      Please check back in August. For those who have completed all prerequisites and have an urgent need to declare, schedule an advising appointment to discuss your situation. Thank you for for your patience.

      Fall 2020: TBD

      NO APPLICATIONS THE FIRST 3 WEEKS of instruction or during heavy course enrollment advising period

      • Complete the Statistics Major Application
        • Click here for the application. 
        • To view a sample program plan, click here. To view course descriptions, click here
        • Select and list your Applied Cluster Courses. You can review the list of Approved Cluster Courses and guidelines here: If a course is not on the list and seems to meet general criteria, click here.
        • Make sure to upload/attach documentation verifying completion of prerequisites if they currently DO NOT appear on your CalCentral. For courses taken at another 4-year college or a community college outside of California, attach:
      • Signed evaluation form from the Math Department AND
      • Official transcript from your other college