Compute Servers

Compute Servers


In addition to our Linux Cluster, we operate a network of Linux compute servers. Their names can be listed on any SCF machine by typing 'sitehosts compute' and include arwen (32 cores), gandalf (8), and shelob (8). When ssh'ing, you would enter their fully qualified names, e.g. Please read the policies on running jobs on the compute servers.

Of those machines, shelob has the fastest CPUs, while gandalf has the most memory (132 GB).


The Linux compute server radagast (8 cores; 128GB RAM) is available for instructional users. Any non-course related jobs will be scaled back or, if need be, terminated to accommodate course work.

Students can also run jobs remotely (or in person) on Macintosh machines in room 432 Evans. They can be listed on any SCF machine by typing 'sitehosts 432'. Room 432 has eeyore, glinda, malfoy, and ugluk.


Less powerful Linux machines accepting logins include beren, hagrid, and harry.

To connect to machines, please use SSH.