BearBuy Computing Purchases

BearBuy Computing Purchases

Shopping Process

If you will be purchasing a computer off of a grant or from departmental funds, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Visit BearBuy. If you are connecting from an off-campus network, connect to the campus VPN first.
  2. Scroll down the BearBuy page and choose the store from which you will be making the purchases, for example, Apple or Dell.
  3. Locate the items in the store you want to buy and add them to your shopping cart.
  4. When you are finished adding items, check out from the store as you normally would by clicking "check out", "done", "finish", etc. Instead of being prompted to enter payment details or shipping addresses, you will be returned to the BearBuy site along with your cart.
  5. Due to COVID-19, we cannot receive items at your normal mailing address which is typically the department's main office. Please see the quick reference guide on how to ship essential purchases to your home address. Basically once your cart as been transferred from the online vendor to BearBuy, you change the destination address before assigning the cart.
  6. At the top-right of BearBuy, click "Assign Cart" to send your cart to a departmental staff person who will complete the ordering process for you. If this cart will be purchased on a grant, assign your cart to the department's Research Administrator, otherwise assign it to the Financial Analyst. Click "Search for an assignee" to search for that person's name, then click their name when you find it.
  7. You may also choose to enter some comments here that the assignee will see when they are assigned your cart. If this purchase is off of a grant, describe which grant and indicate why you need the item (as usually required by grants). If this is from other funds, add other background information so that staff can expeditiously process your request. Then click on "Assign" on the right side.


  • We highly recommend purchasing service contracts on your computers such as AppleCare on Apple items or 3-5 year contracts from the other vendors.
  • If you will be buying an Apple laptop and want to connect it to a projector, make sure to add a USB-C to HDMI adapter.
  • You do not need to purchase Microsoft Office with your computer since you are eligible to download it for free.