Hosting a Shiny App

Hosting a Shiny App

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Shiny is a web application framework developed by RStudio. It allows you to create interactive graphics that users access through the web. The graphics are supported by R computation and graphing behind the scenes using R code that you write.

If you are affiliated with the department, following these steps to host your Shiny app on the SCF.

  1. Email to let us know you'd like to use this service, as we need to set up your account to do this.
  2. Once you hear back from us, create a directory in your web area, /mirror/data/pub/shiny/{username}/{appname}, where '{username}' is your SCF username and '{appname}' is the name you choose for your app. You can create multiple apps.
  3. Put your server.R and ui.R in the app directory. Note that when a user uses the app, the server starts an R process running in your SCF account, so your app should have access to any R packages you have installed locally in your account (in addition to the system-installed packages). Your app will also have access to data stored in your SCF account.
  4. Point your users to{username}/{appname} to use the app. As an example, see for a basic histogram/density app with the faithful dataset from R. You can see the underlying code in server.R and ui.R in /mirror/data/pub/shiny/paciorek/faith.


You must be on the campus network to view shiny applications -- CalVisitor does not work. If on wireless, connect to eduroam after setting up your wireless passphrase. For the username, eduroam uses your CalNet login while eduroam uses your CalNet login followed by "".

The eduroam homepage contains information on how to connect to eduroam, links to general CSS IT support, and instructions on connecting various operating systems and mobile devices.