How can I install MATLAB on my computer?

How can I install MATLAB on my computer?

Campus has a site license that allows UC Berkeley faculty, researchers, and students to install and use Matlab on University-owned and personally-owned devices. Visitors can use MATLAB on University-owned machines (e.g., our SCF machines) but cannot install it on their own machines.

If you are NOT affiliated with the Statistics Department, or if you are in the Statistics Department and are happy to install MATLAB without our help (you'll have to create a Mathworks account), Software @ Berkeley has instructions. The MATLAB Portal from Mathworks provides UC Berkeley faculty, researchers, students, and staff with self-service access to download and activate MATLAB software, services, and to view on-demand training materials and tutorials.

If you are affiliated with the Statistics Department and either do not want to create a Mathworks account or more generally would like help installing MATLAB on your own machine, please fill out this form and we will contact you with details of how to do the installation. If you do not qualify (e.g., if you are a visitor), but want to purchase MATLAB personally, you'll need to contact Mathworks directly.

Note that if your computer is maintained by the SCF, it will already have MATLAB available to you. Additionally, all SCF servers have MATLAB installed and available for your use.

If you don't qualify for MATLAB on your machine, here are some alternatives:

  • If you do not require specific MATLAB toolboxes, you can install Octave on any of your machines for free. It can run MATLAB code and has its own set of packages akin to MATLAB toolboxes.
  • You may want to consider logging into one of our Linux servers and running the MATLAB graphical interface remotely via RDP.
  • We might be able to assist in porting your MATLAB code or work process to some other application.

Please contact if you have any questions or problems.