Loaner Laptops (Evans 367)

There are six 17" two 15" Macbook Pro Laptops kept in a locked cart in room 367 Evans Hall which may be used for short term loan by faculty and staff. Contact the front office manager to check one out and make sure to use the sign-out sheet. Please:

  1. Return the computer and power adapter to 367 Evans Hall.
  2. Plug the computer into the power sockets inside the cart to keep them charged.
  3. Ensure that both doors on the cart are locked.

IMPORTANT: You must plug the laptop into the network cable behind the cart to log in for the first time. These computers are configured to enable you to login with your CalNet ID, however they must be connected to a physical campus network link (e.g. wired). This is a limitation of the Mac login window. Once the procedure has been completed, the laptop can be used via AirBears or any other WiFi access point.