Wacom Tablet

This Wacom Bamboo writing tablet is intended to be used as a "mouse" with extra precision when working with design programs like Photoshop and Illustrator and is available for checkout at the Statistics Front Office (Evans Hall 367). It is not an Android or iOS computing tablet.

To use this device on Macintosh computers:

  1. Plug into any USB port, it will work even when a mouse if plugged in.  No additional drivers are needed.
  2. Make sure the table's logo is pointing to your left.
  3. To move the mouse cursor just slightly hover over the table with the stylus at about 1/6 of an inch from the surface.  The blue light under the logo will shine brighter when you're in within the correct distance.  Touching the tablet's surface will attempt to highlight, select, or drag items under the mouse cursor.
  4. To "left click", tap the tablet's surface with the tip of the stylus.
  5. To "right click", use the button at the top of the stylus.
  6. To drag or highlight, tap the tablet's surface with the stylus and then drag through the surface until the items of choice have been either dragged or highlighted.

Note: anyone familiar a MacBook Pro's touchpad will have a shorter learning curve for this device, however, this device does not work with bare fingers.