Manipulating PostScript files in Linux

Manipulating PostScript files in Linux

Converting to PDF

Run 'ps2pdf file.pdf'. This will create file.pdf.

Resizing PostScript files

The command, psresize, can rescale a PostScript file. This is most useful when the original document was created for A4 paper, the standard in Europe, and the file needs to be sent to printers expecting U.S. Letter documents. The output is usually cropped unless the document is resized. Run 'psresize -PA4 -pletter'.

If you open your file in gv, a button label at the top will be set to a your document's current size, such as 'A4' or 'BBox'. Click the button to change the setting to 'Letter'. Then try printing from within gv.

Simplifying a PostScript file

The command 'ps2ps' is Ghostscript's PostScript distiller that can convert input files to simpler PostScript. Run 'ps2ps'.

Changing the PostScript level

The command 'ps2ps' can change the PostScript level of a document. For example:

ps2ps -dLanguageLevel=1